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  • Forum Thread: Do Precision M65 and Latitude D820 use the same keyboard?

    I want to take the keyboard from a dead Latitude D820 Laptop and put it onto a Precision M65 Laptop which is missing a key. Does anyone know if they use the same keyboard? Can I do this? Thanks.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Bluetooth keyboard/mouse not working outside windows XPS M2010

    I also have the same problem under Win7*64. Keyboard, mouse and headset paired just fine, but neither of them works outside Windows. AND the Bluetooth button on the computer base has no effect - the Bluetooth light on the computer base is constantly on, and there seems no way to make it start blinking...
  • Forum Thread: XPS 14 Ultrabook Keyboard

    What are the length/width of the keyboard on the new XPS 14 Ultrabook? Also, is this same keyboard used on the new XPS 15?
  • Forum Reply: Re: studio 1535 keyboard backlight not working

    go to start menu type windows mobility center in the bottom left corner slide the value of the keyboard brightness to the right. I did not have the time to type this nor am i a techie but i figured it out and could not stand to not answer hope this works, All the best
  • Forum Thread: Dell XPS 13 typing special characters with keyboard

    I'm unable to type special characters with my Dell XPS 13 with Windows 8 pre-loaded. E.g. when typing "^" followed by "e" one should normally get "ê" My previous XPS 13 with Windows 7 pre-loaded worked fine. I have loaded all the latest drivers but the functionality...
  • Forum Thread: Keyboard and touchpad abnormal response

    Hi All, I have dell inspiron 6400 laptop. Recently, I noticed a problem in the keyboard and touchpad responses, After long time off running the laptop (more than 6 hours), the keyboard and touchpad go freak. for instance, If I want to type a word 'hello' I might type it like this 'hhellooo'...
  • Forum Thread: Dell n5110 r15 - Pause/Break button

    Hi, I have Dell Inspirion n5110 r15, could someone please tell me how can I map pause/break button ? Thank you in advance for any answer.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Cursor jumps around when typing

    I found that when I disabled the "tap to click" option on the synptics touchpad control panel my problem went away...maybe pounding on the keyboard causes the touch pad tapping to be activated from the near by vibrations Cheers!!
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 1100 Keyboard keys not working

    Hi, I have an Inspiron 1100 that came to me from a family member with some of the letter/number keys not working. I bought a new keyboard and installed it, and the same few keys still don't work. I've also between getting the laptop and now replaced the harddrive and reinstalled windows. Any...
  • Forum Thread: Not support external mouse or keybord in dell inspiron n4110 windows 7 64

    I bought new dell laptop (dell inspiron n4110 ) first i installed windows 7 32 there are no problems with exter nal mouse or key borad . they are workinh properly after that I installed windows 7 64 then external mouse or key board not working i m sure that mouse and keyboad working also...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Studio 1535 Problem!

    I had a similar problem. Typically after a cold start up the eject light would light and the volume up would activate. After a minute or so they would go out. I also had the issue with the bump in the keyboard which some forums have mentioned could be part of the touch panel activation problem. After...
  • Forum Thread: Laptop Inspiron n5010 keyboard problems

    I had a problem booting laptop due to hard drive, so I opened the laptop to get to the hard drive (which has now been replaced with a solid state drive.) All I did was remove the keyboard to get at the drive and then replace the ribbon. But when I finally restored the laptop with a new drive and Windows...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron Duo, I want to disable all on screen keyboard activities, no virtual key board any time any where.

    We use the Duo in tablet form to run child check in at church. When the user presses on the application provided number pad, the Duo's on screen keyboard want to come up. Like if you tap / double tap on left side of screen where on screen keyboard is docked. Going to "ease of access"...
  • Forum Thread: N5110 keyboard - some keys NOT working

    I have an Inspiron N5110 laptop. There are certain keys that have suddenly stopped working. The "T, Y, BACKSPACE and SHIFT keys. There have been no spills or any damage to the laptop. No changes or additions added. I have called Dell and they had me remove the battery and power cord &...
  • Forum Thread: Spilled juice on my Studio 1749

    I spilled juice on my Studio 1749. Keyboard is very sticky. It it possible to remove individual keys to clean them? Or is my only option to replace the entire keyboard?
  • Forum Thread: Keyboard-XPS 15Z Windows7

    I have bad issues with my cursor floating, jumping, disappearing and generally just erratic as heck . Is anyone familiar with this phenomenon and have an answer to this irritating problem?
  • Forum Thread: XPS 12 - anyone know how to permanently disable the standard On Screen Keyboard (a.k.a. Touch Keyboard).

    I prefer the Comfort On Screen Keyboard Pro and have installed it. After every sleep or reboot I have to manually disable the standard Touch Keyboard from Toolbar entry on the Taskbar.
  • Forum Thread: Pointstick mouse freezes while typing

    I have a Latitude E6430 laptop running 64-bit Windows 7. Whenever I type on the keyboard, the mouse cursor freezes in place and stays that way until about a second after I stop typing. This only happens when using the pointstick, not a USB mouse. I've updated to the latest drivers and the problem...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 1501

    On my Inspiron 1501 there are blue number keys on the letter keys and when I type the letter key is not displayed but rather the blue number key is. How do I turn off the blue keys and what are they called? I hope that someone can help me...I'm not very comp. lit/
  • Forum Thread: keyboard issues

    hi, my left shift, left alt, tab and caps lock buttons have stopped working... can't find any resolutions online wondering if anyone can help?? Thanks!
  • Forum Thread: Keyboard controler failure

    I ear 6 short beeps when I try to start my Inspiron 530s. I check the meaning and is a bios warning about keyboard controler failure. How can I fix the problem? I disconected all devices, reset bios jumper, change keyboard, etc. And always ear 6 beeps. Thank you in advance
  • Forum Thread: lost password

    problem with my laptop ( dell inspiron 1525 ) about forgetting bios password service tag : < ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> please help me my e_mail : < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy>
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 9400 - How to change to Norwegian Keyboard??

    Help!! My Laptop computer have a Norwegian Keyboard but after a compleate reinstallation (done by DELL in Dubai) a standard US 102 key keyboard was installed and it's dificoult to use the keys on the right side as they are positioned differently... After the reinstallation I actually found...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron M5040 Keyboard Installation

    I have an Inspiron M5040, and I am replacing a keyboard. Looking at my setup, I don't see a locking mechanism for my strip. I can insert the strip into the area where the pins are, but it keeps falling out. Is there a better photo of the locking mechanism to see if mine is missing? I don't remember...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Overheating and shutting down, N5110

    Dear Customer support, my laptop is Dell N5110 (Inspiron 15R), it suddenly shutdown when I try to type on the keyboard. Then I tried more and more to open it again, but it didn't work. After a while, I opened it, and when I tried to write something again, it suddenly shutdown, and so on. Could...