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  • Forum Reply: Re: dell inspiron 15r 5520 touch pad Fn F3 not working

    I downloaded and installed the Windows 7 64 bit version. Rebooted twice still the Fn/F3 isn't working. Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Touchpad scrolling does not work

    I recently had to get a new hard drive for my laptop which is an Inspiron N5010 with Windows 7 and since I have gotten it back my touchpad scrolling no longer works like it did before and I cant find the setting to fix this issue. Can anyone help me?
  • Forum Thread: dell 1318 touch pad

    Okay.....i have run the Dell Diagnostic reutine and it had to close because of an unexpected error. whatever that means. what? I can find no drivers to download for the touchpad and no support that is free. I am at a loss. help please.
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 15 Touchpad & Battery Issues

    I purchased the Inspiron 15 3521 model two weeks ago. Touchpad: The touchpad has started freezing randomly. I have checked for driver updates and it shows 'Up-to-date'. Please help Battery: Initially, on a 100% charge, the laptop worked properly for 8 hours straight playing music and certain...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 1720 power problem

    Hi. I'm having a problem with my Dell Inspiron 1720. When it is plug in (with original adapter) touchpad mouse is constantly freezing, plug in mouse is not working, and i hear a buzz in my speakers. When it works on batery everything is ok. Is the problem adapter or something else?
  • Forum Thread: Dell Touchpad stoped scrolling and zooming

    I have a Dell Inspiron N4110 Laptop. My Dell Touchpad still works, but I cant get it to scroll or zoom anymore. What do I do? Sam
  • Forum Reply: Re: Delay issue on windows performance and bios performance

    anybody's there that answer my question..!!???
  • Forum Thread: Connectivity INSPIRON 15Z + DELL TRAVEL MOUSE BLUETOOTH

    Hi there!I have a little problem with my DELL INSPIRON 15 Z coupled with a DELL BLUETOOTH TRAVEL MOUSE (HID COMPATIBLE): mouse correctly associated and generally working,but after a random period of time (seconds\minutes) it stops working and I must switch-off and on the connectivity of the pc in order...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron N7110R Trackpad/charging problem

    So i just got my new Dell laptop and at the second time charging it i have noticed that my trackpad is almost not responding,doing craizy stuff,just after unpluging the charger it all stops. What could be the problem ? what should i do ?
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 1525 - mousepad malfunction and other

    In December of 2010 my father got me a Dell inspiron 1525 for Christmas and for the first few months it worked excellent, but now there are many problems and the warranty ran out. One of the most recent problems is the touchpad, it clicks & double clicks if I even scroll it over something. This...
  • Forum Thread: n5110 USB 3.0 doesn't work

    Dear Experts, I bought a Dell Inspiron n5110 but it USB 3.0 is not working for me when i put the mouse or flash-drive in, do i suppose to install a driver to get this work or any other assistance you guy can do for me? Any link for a driver? because i was trying to find but didn't help. Pleasee HELP...
  • Forum Thread: help disabled touch pad by mistake

    hello Can anyone tell me how I can unlock (enable) my touch pad/cursor on my laptop ??? I have an Insipron E1705 and I do not have a manuel, nor do I have a manuel mouse/pad. . . . the actual touch pad on laptop will not allow me to move cursor to work on laptop. . . I need help asap . . . Thank...
  • Forum Thread: Failed message EzAuto.dll.Alps INSPIRON 5010

    I have an INSPIRION N5010 with Windows 7 64 bit. In the past 2 days, I am getting an error message from Apoint.exe – Failed to load EzAuto.dll.Alps Pointing device application has stoped In addition I cannot disable the touch pad (fn+F3), and the mouse pointer is shaky There are no new...
  • Forum Thread: Touchpad and Diagnostics

    I tried downloading and running diagnostics through Dell, but I get a download error 29. Not sure what that is nor how to solve it. I have a Dell Inspiron 14R running Windows 7. I would also like to adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad or disable it while typing, but it is not located under mouse settings...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Inspiron N5010 - how to turn on/off the touchpad?

    I HAD figured out how to disable it and had it disabled until my husband borrowed my computer last night. Now I can't find the stupid setting button or what I did to find it.
  • Forum Thread: Black screen w/ movable cursor after boot with Vista

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 running Windows Vista. When I turn it on, it displays a black screen after the green progress bar, but before the Vista Logo. The mouse can move, but nothing else. It remains this way as long as it is turned on and never actually gets to the Vista Logo or login screen. The...
  • Forum Thread: XPS L502x hangs during game play

    I have been having problems with my XPS L502x I use to play Saint Rows the Third on my laptop it use to play perfectly but now after a year I restored my factory setting now when ever i install any of my old games they start off perfectly but during the game it hangs a lot kindly help me out.
  • Forum Thread: inspiron 3521 color and brightness problem

    hi to all i have dell inspiron 3521 corei3 with win7 the color and brightness is very dim as compared to hp probook4530s,hp pavlion g6 and a samsung model. i just want to know that the graphic quality of dell is really low or my machine having any problem please help me to figure it out.
  • Forum Thread: Touchpad freezes on Inspiron 13z with Touchguard

    After continued use, the touchpad freezes (or is disabled) completely on my Inspiron 13z. That is, swiping does not cause the cursor to move. Important details: Windows 7 Ultimate, all updates installed BIOS updated to A16 Latest Dell Touchpad drivers are installed from A reboot...
  • Forum Thread: Explorer 9 caused problems with mouse pointer centerpoint...not over the buttons, off to the right.

    I have a new Inspiron N4110 and the preloaded Explorer 9 was SOO frustrating. I thought I was going nuts when I would click on a button and nothing happened. Then I realized that the button was not active when I was over it, but activated when I was about 1/4 " to the right. How strange!! I called...
  • Forum Thread: Crazy and rage inducing cursor

    Given the number of posts concerning this particular problem, there are probably enough Dell users to consider bringing a class action against Dell for a complete lack of action or any remedy for this problem - are there any sympathetic lawyers out there? I have an Inspiron M5030-5118. It is 16 months...
  • Forum Thread: Mouse cursor going crazy with Inspiron 14

    I recently purchased a Inspiron 14" for my wife which had Vista Home Premium. The mouse was working correctly as it should. I received the upgrade disc for Windows 7 and the mouse goes crazy and is annoying. Basically if I hover over anything it will click the application or drag and drop or highlight...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 15r se touchpad problem

    my left click stops working when holding down the right click button and so i cant aim and then shoot in games, which is horrible. im willing to do anything at this point, anything, even if it involves changing a bunch of things. please help.
  • Forum Thread: Very disappointed with Dell System

    I bought a Inspiron 7520 around 3 months back and since then I am having loads of problems. First problem was bluetooth. I was not able to send files from the laptop to another device. Then the mouse was replaced due to hardware problem. And now motherboard was replaced after the system turned off automatically...
  • Forum Thread: Mouse and touchpad not working?

    I am using dell insprion N5010. Last one month touch pad and mouse not working properly. Sometimes it's works sometimes it's not working If we connect usb is shows usb device not recognized message. How to solve this problem. Please help me.....