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  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 15R SE Touchpad Erratic

    Touchpad on Inspiron 15rse 7520 is acting erratic, sometimes doing two or three finger gestures with one finger on the touchpad. It doesn't matter if the driver is installed or not, and also does this behavior on a linux boot.
  • Forum Thread: Touchpad (Mouse) Replacement/RAM (Memory) Issues

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520. My warranty has just run out and how convenient my Touchpad has stopped working that's typical. So I'm wondering where I can get a replacement touchpad for my Dell and how can I install it? I think I got a dud laptop because when I first got it, the backlit...
  • Forum Thread: Trackpad scrolling issues

    Hi, I have just bought a Dell 17 7000 and since turning it on the trackpad seems to be jumping very temprementally, If I scroll with two fingers down a webpage every 3/4 scrolls it will jump straight to the bottom of the page, similarly if I am scrolling up it jumps to the bottom. I have tried different...
  • Forum Thread: Disable touchpad selectively for Inspiron 1545

    I have some programs installed that have created a virtual mouse, which my laptop has decided is real. I know how to disable my touchpad when a different pointer/mouse device is plugged in, but with the virtual mouse, even if I unplug my real mouse, the touchpad is still disabled. Is there a way to set...
  • Forum Thread: Mouse on inspiron stopped working!

    Hey, i'm wondering if anyone can help me, I got a insipron 1545 (I think) for my birthday last year july. A few times when i have started up my laptop the mouse has stopped working so i've restarted it and it fixed the problem. Last night it just suddenly stopped working! So i restarted the laptop...

    Hello everyone! I was with Dell tech support a moment ago and notified them with the issue with the touchpad on my Inspiron 13z and . It came with windows 7 and was upgraded with win8. After installation I went to download the latest toupad driver. 8.1200.101.214. But there's a problem. The software...
  • Forum Thread: lost password

    problem with my laptop ( dell inspiron 1525 ) about forgetting bios password service tag : < ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> please help me my e_mail : < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy>
  • Forum Thread: Dell inspiron n5110, i have fix the black screen with windows 8, i have installed bios 'a11' but now when i'm on windows 8, my dell stop running it , i cant move the mouse cant have access at taskmanager

    Dell inspiron n5110, i have fix the black screen with windows 8, i have installed bios 'a11' but now when i'm on windows 8, my dell stop running it , i cant move the mouse cant have access at taskmanager
  • Forum Thread: Not support external mouse or keybord in dell inspiron n4110 windows 7 64

    I bought new dell laptop (dell inspiron n4110 ) first i installed windows 7 32 there are no problems with exter nal mouse or key borad . they are workinh properly after that I installed windows 7 64 then external mouse or key board not working i m sure that mouse and keyboad working also...
  • Forum Thread: Scroll

    Ever since I had my Dell Inspiron Notebook m5010 the scroll was working. It now is either off or not working. I keep looking in control panell and on google and can not find any where to help me fix it. can you please help! Thank you, Nichole
  • Forum Thread: auto selection of the last item..

    hi everyone, the cursor moves to the last item of anything of my system. on the desktop it selects the last icon like when u single click on an icon. on the browser it automatically moves down to page end. been banging my head for a few days. ANY SOLUTION IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED.
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron n4010 scrolling button on touch pad not working

    This laptop was purchased on OCT 2011 brand new. the system worked fine until last month that is May 2012. The scroll button on the touch pad got switched off automatically. i have tired going to Control panel and Mouse options but cant find any solution as to how to switch it on again. The Laptop info...
  • Forum Thread: Audio/touchpad drivers on linux

    Dear all, I have just installed ubuntu on my dell inspiron (17r) 5720. Everything works fine except the third speaker (which is under the computer) and multitasking for touchpad (no touchpad driver, it is considered as a mouse) I hope somebody has a solution Thanks in Advance.
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron N5110 acting weird after idle time

    Hello, I bought an Dell Inspiron Intel® Core TM i7-2670QM in March this year and about a week a go the laptop started acting weird. After the laptop is idle even for a few minutes the cooling fans start to "rev" and the laptop starts typing the letter "q" all by itself. ...
  • Forum Thread: inspiron 15r se touchpad problem.

    i cant left click when holding down the right click on the touchpad, so i cant aim and shoot, which ruins the game. i've tried testing a usb mouse and it can left click when holding down the right click. dont mind trying a bunch of stuff, i really want my touchpad to work right. please help, thank...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Overheating and shutting down, N5110

    Hi Debbie/Dear Dell, Aren't you guys tired of posting these lame advises in an pathetic attempt to hide the truth, which is that this model of Dell laptop, N5110 regardless of what CPU+GPU it has inside, has a MAJOR design flaw in its cooling system! The vent openings for both the intake of the...
  • Forum Reply: Re: I cant disable touchpad on inspiron 14 n4050

    Mine won't disable as well. The light above the touchpad comes on when I do Fn+F3 but the mouse is still active. If I do Fn+F3 again, the light turns off. I don't have a wireless mouse so if I disable the driver I won't have pointer control to re-install it. So what can I do about it?
  • Forum Thread: Dell 14z-N411z paper weight

    I've attached a picture of my $800 paper weight referenced in my post on 4/3/12. She's a beauty and really holds paper down. Doesn't do anything else though.
  • Forum Thread: Serious Keyboard/Touchpad Problems

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop and yesterday, I was installing some Windows updates but didn't bother restarting right away because I was about to start an interview and needed my laptop up. Glad I didn't too because when I restarted it later, it had MAJOR issues. I thought for sure it was...
  • Forum Reply: Re: FN + F3 Disable Touchpad does not work. Dell XPS L702X

    C:\dell\drivers\R289237 Run the Synaptics executeable file.
  • Forum Thread: I have Dell Inspirion 3520 Laptop, when i start typing its cursor jump to somewhere else or select the other things.

    Hi All, I have Dell Inspirion 3520 Laptop , And its come with Window 7 and I have recently its updated with window 8 after this i got a issue that when I start typing the cursor jump to somewhere else or select something, I am very confuse what to do, I anybody have solution then told me what to do...
  • Forum Thread: Touchpad scroll does not work - what to do? - Dell Inspiron 6000d

    Hello all: I did a clean install of Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002, Service Pack 3 (after updates) on my Dell Inspiron 6000d. The touchpad worked, but not the scroll areas of the touchpad. From the Dell Drivers and Utilities CD I installed the driver labelled "Synaptics Touchpad"...
  • Forum Thread: trackpad getting in the way with typing

    I recently upgraded my dell inspiron m5110 from windows 7 home premium to windows 8 Professional from the online store at microsoft. I am quite annoyed about my trackpad getting in the way while typing. the cursor will sometimes un-click, jump onto another part of whatever im typing or click onto everything...
  • Forum Thread: Mouse and touchpad not working?

    I am using dell insprion N5010. Last one month touch pad and mouse not working properly. Sometimes it's works sometimes it's not working If we connect usb is shows usb device not recognized message. How to solve this problem. Please help me.....
  • Forum Thread: Very disappointed with Dell System

    I bought a Inspiron 7520 around 3 months back and since then I am having loads of problems. First problem was bluetooth. I was not able to send files from the laptop to another device. Then the mouse was replaced due to hardware problem. And now motherboard was replaced after the system turned off automatically...