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  • Forum Thread: Inspiron B130 Laptop Lags (skips / choppy) Audio, Video, Everything!

    Hi all! I have had my laptop for about 3 years now. This problem started in December of 2007 and I have yet to find a solution. It appears that everything I do on this computer skips every second for a fraction of a second (mouse movement, programs, audio, video, etc.). I have searched the internet...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 5000e Hard Drive Size Limitation Question

    I have an old Insprion 5000e laptop that originally came with a 20GB HDD. A little over 3 years ago the drive gave up the ghost and my local computer guy replaced it with a 40GB version. Now that drive has failed and he tried replacing it with a 80 GB drive. I just received a call from him telling...
  • Forum Thread: Dell D600 can't see hdd

    Hi everybody Previously sorry for my english, i using google translate My Dell D600 can't see hdd in bios I checked the adapter, it's okay hard drive works too in other computer. currently BIOS version A15 hard drive samsung HM121HC please help my