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  • Forum Thread: lost password

    problem with my laptop ( dell inspiron 1525 ) about forgetting bios password service tag : < ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> please help me my e_mail : < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy>
  • Forum Thread: XPS 17 L01x - Missing Webcam after new Hard-Disk installed

    Hello Recently had new Hard Disk installed as the laptop was accidently dropped Since then, I lost a lot of data (as you can imagine) most of it was saved but, most of the factory installed software/drivers have gone. Cannot find my Dell Resources CD or any disks at the moment for this laptop, and...
  • Forum Thread: do i need to get my xps l502x motherboard replaced?

    i have a xps l502x and have had it for two years now and it has never been able to play games my graphics card is a nvidia gt 540 m i've read about it on google and people said they resoled their problem by changing their motherboard. also my battery has less power in it now and i talked to a suport...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Delay issue on windows performance and bios performance

    anybody's there that answer my question..!!???
  • Forum Thread: Problems With My Dell Inspiron 1464

    I have a Dell inspiron 1464 laptop with Preloaded Windows 7 Home Premium. Here is the tech specs of my device for your Kind information. Bios Version: A04 Reg Model: P09G Reg Type: P09G001 Current OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Monitor: 14-inch LED Webcam: 1.3 MP Processor: Intel Core...
  • Forum Thread: M14x R2 freezes randomly and becomes non responsive. Freezes with out blue screen

    While i doing anything web browser or play league of legend (light games)I get random freezes. while doing anything from word processing to gaming. In result the screen becomes frozen and the fans decide to get noisy and keep noisy until i have to hold power button for shut it down. The only way...
  • Forum Reply: Re: N5110 wifi stops working

    join me
  • Forum Thread: Dell Studio 17 Problems! Please help.

    I updated my graphic and sound drivers yesterday on my Dell Studio 17. I restarted the system like I would do after any installation or update only to find that my laptop wouldnt boot up, instead it redirected me to system repair. I thought there must be something wrong with what i updated... So I...
  • Forum Thread: XPS L502x hangs during game play

    I have been having problems with my XPS L502x I use to play Saint Rows the Third on my laptop it use to play perfectly but now after a year I restored my factory setting now when ever i install any of my old games they start off perfectly but during the game it hangs a lot kindly help me out.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Inspiron N5110 Hard Drive Placement

    Hi, I have just purchased a DELL INSPIRON MODEL 5110 ON 6TH MAR and on 10th mar the hard disk failed.On calling the customer care they ran a diagnostic check (F12) and told will replace the hard drive.Yesterday they came and replaced the hard drive. they put toshiba hard drive instead of seagate which...
  • Forum Thread: Dell 14z-N411z paper weight

    I've attached a picture of my $800 paper weight referenced in my post on 4/3/12. She's a beauty and really holds paper down. Doesn't do anything else though.
  • Forum Thread: Dell's incompetency and poor support for laptops

    I purchased a Dell Laptop <ADMIN NOTE : Service tag removed per privacy policy >. from Best Buy, Buffalo in September last year. A month ago I realized problem with the webcam and paid $40 for the fix. Just 2 weeks after that, the webcam again started showing problems plus the hard drive crashed...