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  • Forum Thread: Purple Tinted Webcam

    Hello, i realize that my webcam has tinted purple. i tried to look for any button to change the tint or maybe white balance, but there was none. it wasnt like this at the beginning. please helo me!!
  • Forum Thread: [Vostro V131] Webcam/Camera driver not found

    Hi, I just got an "old" Dell Vostro V131 : the HDD was missing so I replaced it with an brand new SSD and I reinstalled Windows 7 SP1. Everything is working perfectly except the webcam/camera. Windows 7 is not able to find the correct driver for the camera I googled for this problem...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 15R-5521 (Late 2012) laptop, Windows 8.1, WEBCAM NOT WORKING :(

    Hi Dell Users/Team, i recently bought Dell Inspiron 15R (5521, Late 2012) laptop with windows 8. 1) Few days everything was fine, but once i made a system recovery and updated to windoes 8.1 from 8 my webcam suddenly stops working. In device manager i can see Integrated webcam under imaging devices but...
  • Forum Thread: My webcam wont work on skype on dell inspiron 3000.

    I don't know why my webcam wont work on skype. I have tried finding the soulution on the skype website but couldn't. all my drivers say they are up to date. the permissions are set to allow skype to access my webcam... so i'm lost and needing help. My coputer is running windows 8.1
  • Forum Thread: Link required for Webcam Central to reinstall

    Hi, I've recently had to run a clean install of Win7 x64 on my XPS 501l laptop and would like to reinstall Dell Webcam Central. Incidentally, I'm using Internet Explorer. I'm searched and found instructions here:
  • Forum Thread: xps 13 ultrabook integrated webcam and unknown USB device alert 43

    Hi, I have a problem with my integrated webcam and unknown USB device error alert. After warranty monitor replacing integrated webcam doesn't appear on device manager and do not work. I have tried to reinstall drivers even whole windows and nothing helps. Please let me know if there is something...
  • Forum Thread: Webcam Central issue.

    I have a Dell XPS L502X which went through a hard drive replacement a while back. I decided to re-install Dell Webcam Central and update it to version 1.40.37 which is the latest version it says is available. The software works fine for still capture and video capture up to 768x480. Anything above that...
  • Forum Thread: Can't find Dell Webcam software to reinstall

    I had to reinstall Win 7 and that process required that I uninstall Dell Webcam. After the new Win 7 install, I want to reinstall my original Dell supplied Dell Webcam software, but I can't find it anywhere on the Dell site. I called support and they could not/would not tell me where to find it....
  • Forum Thread: Installation Dell Webcam Center

    I used my Laptop (with Windows 7 32 bit) 4 Years at School. My Teachers haven't registered my Laptop at the dell suport webside. Now i upgraded it to Windows 7 64 bit and i couldnt download the Dell Webcam Central because of that that the Service is over. I only Need the Dell Webcam Center but the...
  • Forum Thread: a problem with webcam in inspiron 5520

    my webcam doesn't work , i don't know if all dell 5520 laps have webcam or not ?? because i can't find webcam in imaging devices in device manager , and i installed webcam central software
  • Forum Thread: Webcam problem! Please Help!!!

    I used to use my webcam everyday for school related activities, and randomly on skype once it said it could not detect the webcam, I tried different sites to test it out and it said the same thing as on skype. I tried so many things, such as looking in the device manager and i can't find the driver...
  • Forum Thread: Webcam stopped working Inspiron 14R (N4010).

    The webcam stopped working on my laptop. I assume it needs to reinstall the driver so I went to Dell Product Support and ran the Driver Downloads update list for my number. I don't see the Webcam driver listed under the various categories of updates. Can someone give additional information. Thanks...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Webcam Central | "No Supported Webcam" error. Unable to use the integrated webcam

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15R N5110, we have been having intermittent problems with our integrated webcam (esp while using Skype). It never works when we want it to. 1. I have downloaded and installed the Dell Webcam Central, when I run it, I get a "No Supported webcam" error. 2. I have gone...
  • Forum Thread: Integrated Webcam Freezes Windows 8

    Just purchased an Inspiron 15 laptop with Windows8.1 already installed. Everything seems to be working fine. The integrated webcam is detected and installed. When I open any app using the wecam (Skype, Hangouts, Windows8 Camera app) the cam turns on and shows an image. However, a couple of seconds...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Dell inspiron 14z 5423 wedcam

    Same issue here. I'm on Windows 8.1, the camera worked perfectly but I'm not sure why the person that came to my place had to change, but he did. Since then, like 3 months, I've had no luck trying to get the webcam to work and now that I seriously NEED to use is when I contact international...
  • Forum Thread: webcam on 5423 not working, unable to uninstall

    Hello, Webcam not working, Webcam centeral crashes with After reading similar post. tried to uninstall. The uninstall results with the following immidiate crash Please assist how to uninstall/install/activate the 5423 webcam. Many thanks in advance, Irit
  • Forum Thread: Dell WebCam Central 2.0 download problem

    Unable to download dell webcam central 2.0 application software from dell website. I have purchased Dell Vostro 2520 notebook for which i dont have webcam software.Please any one can help
  • Forum Thread: Webcam software/driver for Inspiron 15 (M5010)

    My daughter reformatted the operating system. She used Windows 7, but lost the webcam software/driver. Please advise where I can download the webcam software/driver so we can operate it again. Thank you.
  • Forum Thread: Dell Vostro 3560 Web Cam not working

    Hi, I have problem with my web cam on Vostro 3560. When i start Dell Webcam Central, camera do not work, it only shows No supported webcam. I tried reinstal software, updated BIOS, set BIOS to defaults, but still the same problem. Can anybody help me? Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Dell Webcam Driver Need driver link

    I have a Dell Inspiron N4010 and recently needed to put in a new hard drive. In doing so it seems my Dell Webcam Central Software has disappeared and would like to use my web cam. I can't find the URL to install it again. Does anyone know where to find it?
  • Forum Thread: Webcam Issues on Inspiron 5520 laptop

    On DeviveManager i don't see any Imaging Devices icon. I saw in one of the forums that we need Integrated Webcam device driver to be present to make webcam functioning. Also i could not able to download Dell Webcam Central software from My Downloads when i login to dell. Please help me resolving...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 17R Integrated Video Cam

    I can't seem to be able to find/operate the integrated video camera. When clicking CAMERA in the START screen tile, I get a message to 'install a camera'. I'm sure the integrated camera is install. I don't seem to figure out hot to get it up and running. Do I need software, APP, driver...
  • Forum Thread: Integrated Webcam Stopped Functioning - Dell System XPS L502X

    Hi, So a few days ago my router randomly kicked me off the network and wouldn't let me reconnect. Turns out the solution was easier than I thought, but in the process I did a system restore to four days prior to the incident (the most recent windows update at the time). Everything was fine except...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Dell Pre-loaded Software, Webcam, Registration

    I know the frustration mate. Believe me I know. I purchased my 2330 with Windows 8 on it. I was told I couldn't install 7 owing to Bios problems if I tried. I've stuck with 8 and aged about the same in years, all 8 of them. I received no disks and only trial type software, apart from Win 8. I...
  • Forum Thread: integrated webcam not detected on XPS 17 (L702X)

    On Windows 8.1 64bit the integrated webcam does not appear in the device manager. Any software that uses webcams does not detect the webcam. It has been working until recently. Drivers & Downloads in Dell support does not offer any help since no drivers appear for the webcam. It seems to be a bit...