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  • Forum Thread: Dell Studio 17 Problems! Please help.

    I updated my graphic and sound drivers yesterday on my Dell Studio 17. I restarted the system like I would do after any installation or update only to find that my laptop wouldnt boot up, instead it redirected me to system repair. I thought there must be something wrong with what i updated... So I...
  • Forum Thread: XPS L502x hangs during game play

    I have been having problems with my XPS L502x I use to play Saint Rows the Third on my laptop it use to play perfectly but now after a year I restored my factory setting now when ever i install any of my old games they start off perfectly but during the game it hangs a lot kindly help me out.
  • Forum Thread: inspiron 3521 color and brightness problem

    hi to all i have dell inspiron 3521 corei3 with win7 the color and brightness is very dim as compared to hp probook4530s,hp pavlion g6 and a samsung model. i just want to know that the graphic quality of dell is really low or my machine having any problem please help me to figure it out.
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 1555: Touchpad issues (right/left click not working and powering down....)

    Dear all: New to the forum. Thanks in advance to anyone able to help. I have two issues that seem to be related. Today at some point I could not longer use my right or left click buttons on my laptop. The touchpad still works in the sense that I can move my cursor and if I tap once on the touchpad...
  • Forum Thread: laptop inspiron 3520 new purchased online from Dell service tag: <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

    I had purchased this inspiron 3 520 laptop thru dell. This was ok for a few months and had suddenly started breaking internet connection and when try to connect it goes on searching and nothing pops up. I had contacted Dell Techn support more than 50 times in the starting march 09, 2913 and until...
  • Forum Thread: Need help with my touchpad - its playing up.

    My dell laptop has a Synaptics Touchpad V7.4 on PS/2 Port touchpad. Lately when I log on it a little box pops up and tells me that the touchpad has been disabled! So I have to plug in a mouse and enable it. But how do I stop it from disabling in the first place? HELP!
  • Forum Thread: Dell 14z-N411z paper weight

    I've attached a picture of my $800 paper weight referenced in my post on 4/3/12. She's a beauty and really holds paper down. Doesn't do anything else though.
  • Forum Reply: Re: New Dell XPS 14z (L412Z) Wireless Card Issues

    I have had the exact same problem! Ive gotten my wifi adapter replaced and my CDDVD optical drive replaced(differernt issue). When the guy was here he said that he has noticed that the XPS 14z has had wifi issues, that it is strange that Dell hasn't done much about it. Since the replacement didnt...
  • Forum Thread: lost password

    problem with my laptop ( dell inspiron 1525 ) about forgetting bios password service tag : < ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> please help me my e_mail : < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy>
  • Forum Thread: Brand New Dell XPS 15 L502x - Randomly shutting down, and not performing simple tasks.

    I am really frustrated with this brand new Dell XPS L502x... I have only used it: 19 minutes 26 seconds and I received it 2 days ago. The problem is that whenever I try to use it for even browsing the internet it will randomly shut down everytime I have tried to use it. After it shuts down I feel the...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Inspiron 15Z

    Please share the operating system installed. Windows 8 Is computer booting to Windows? If yes, how far does it go? (Do you get to see Windows logo?) Screen appears to be back to normal after PC Refresh If the computer is booting to Windows, have you tried connecting to Internet with a wired connection...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Delay issue on windows performance and bios performance

    anybody's there that answer my question..!!???
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Inspiron N5010 Windows 7 Graphics Driver

    Hi, Please DELL Laptopn5010
  • Forum Reply: Re: N5110 wifi stops working

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  • Forum Thread: Dell XPS 12 9Q33 Several Issues

    I have owned this laptop for almost 10 months now, and at first, I loved everything about it. However, as time has passed, many small issues have come up, which by themselves wouldn't be a problem, but altogether, make this computer a real pain to use. Windows 8.1 Professional is installed, as well...