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  • Forum Thread: Touchpad not working properly on XPS M1530 - does not scroll

    I had a problem with my system, contacted Dell tech support, they had me disable a bunch of things on my system configuration, and now my touchpad does not scroll, the buttons and everything else work but no scrolling ability. Any suggestions?
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 1721 scroller problem

    Suddenly the scroller on my touchpad has stopped working. The small dell touchpad icon has also disappeared from the bottom right hand of my screen. Can anyone help?
  • Forum Thread: Scrolling issue on Inspiron 1520 , Synaptics crash

    I have an Inspiron 1520 that I bought about a year ago, the problem is with my touch pad scrolling ability which keeps crashing every now and then despite updating the Synaptics driver. I had this for quite a long time and it has been driving my crazy cuz I have to restart to get it to function again...
  • Forum Thread: Scroll and Zoom on touchpad don't work after upgrade...

    Hi, I recently upgraded my Studio 17 from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional. Everything is working fine except for my touchpad. It functions well except for the scroll and zoom features. I use to be able to zoom in and out by gliding my finger up and down on the left side of the...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Inspiron 1520 TouchPad Troubles :\ Please Help!

    I have a Inspiron 1525....Dell Touchpad > Version: ALPS 7.1.1500.2 I had the same problem, mine is now working a whole lot better , and I'm still in shock that it has not went crazy again. It seemed to me, and I think was the case that the Double click, the Mouse properties and Touchpad was...