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  • Forum Thread: no touchpad setting available

    Hi, I just got a new Dell vostro laptop with windows 7. the touchpad is way too sensitive and I can't type correctly. In my older dell laptop I had the option to personalize the touchpad but this one doesn't have that option. there is an Fn key and pressing it with the F3 (which should disable...
  • Forum Thread: XPS 13 (9333) Two finger scrolling in Outlook 2013 does not work as expected

    Hi There, Outlook 2013 has three or four areas where you can perform a vertical scroll. On any other computer that I have used, including a MacBook Air with Windows 8.1, and a Dell Optiplex with Windows 8.1 and an external mouse with scroll wheel, when I hover in any of these 4 areas of outlook and...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Touchpad gestures/scrolling/pointer not working after windows 8.1 update on Dell Inspiron 11 3137

    Hi HSCHMIDTY Thanks for providing a couple details about your problem. That makes it easier for me to help you. The Synaptics driver from their site isn't "signed" by Dell so it doesn't install properly. There've been good results with the Synaptics Dell Touchpad driver (Dell...