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  • Forum Thread: What is the recommended driver set for a inspiron N4110?

    Greetings, I am planning to format my computer so I search for the required driver for my laptop. I found a large list of drivers that are appropriate for N4110 here ( but I am positive I don't need all of them. I was wondering if someone...
  • Forum Thread: Lots of Problems with Dell Inspiron 5521

    First of all I've been having memory loss problems, when my laptop shows the memory above 4G, a notification comes up saying memory is low, when it doesn't show it being that low. This typically only happens when I'm play specific games like League of Legends and Diablo 3. I've been playing...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 15 3520 Intel HD Graphics Driver make computer crash ?

    Please help ! Whenever I install the driver to my graphics card, my computer restarts ! I've tried installing different versions of the driver, upgrading my other drivers, and still the same results ! Can someone help ? My warranty expired.
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 7520 SE webcam driver windows 8.1

    Hello i am looking for the built in display webcam driver for laptop dell 7520 but i couldn't find it My laptop description link i can see in my device manage Image Device ==> Integrated webcam but still not working
  • Forum Thread: Driver Update for Dell Inspiron 7520 Release Date?

    Hi everyone. I'm the newcomer of this community, and this is the first time I post my question here. Hope someone will help me soon. Thanks at first! My problem is: I have bought my Dell Inspiron 7520 (normal version) for over a year. At first, it came with Linux Ubuntu preinstalled, and I did...
  • Forum Thread: webcam driver

    Hi all I have insprion 5110 , and I can't find driver for the webcam that support windows 8 the webcam dont work and i cant find it in thr davice manger ? thank you zachi
  • Forum Reply: RE: Problem dell inspiron SE 7520 BIOS

    Hello Senthil, i know that downgrading bios not recommended but the new bios A10 did not detect the webcam built installed in my laptop there is no imagine device at all , here is the image link for my device manage the webcam central link you...
  • Forum Thread: Problem dell inspiron SE 7520 BIOS

    hello After i upgrade bios to last version A10 from the following link My built-in webcam dosen't work . i tried to downgrade to A04 (default first bios was in my...
  • Forum Thread: Problem Dell Inspiron 7520 SE webcam display Built-in

    Hello i have problem with my dell inspiron 7520 SE webcam display build-in the problem is the webcam works when i brought the laptop but i disabled it , i wasn't need it at this moment but recently i installed a new windows , Literally i restore factor image that came with my laptop i didn't...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron R15 faulty HDMI port

    I just purchased an Inspiron R15 laptop. When I tried to connect my LCD television to the HDMI port, the TV reports "No signal." It doesn't matter what HDMI cable I use. I have tried to enable dual-monitor support (i.e., "project this screen") on the laptop's Display control...
  • Forum Thread: Generic Bluetooth Adapter Problem - Dell Inspiron n5110

    Hi, I am very upset my bluetooth is not working it is not detecting any device or any other device is not detecting my laptop's bluetooth. Here I have attached picture My System is Windows 7 64bit home basic
  • Forum Thread: Enduro support

    Hi, When can we get new intel and AMD drivers for windows 8.1? My laptop is a 7520 with HD4000+HD7730m. It is crucial for Enduro. Thanks