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  • Forum Thread: "the user profile failed the logon" error message

    I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop with two user accounts on it: mine & my sister's. Last month, when trying to login to my account I kept getting an error message saying that " The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." How do I fix it? the user profile...
  • Forum Thread: cd/dvd not showing - even in device manager - in Inspiron 17 3737 - OS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    I have a dual-boot on my Inspiron 17 3737 of Ubuntu 14.04.1 and Win7 Professional, both 64-bit versions. Everytime I boot (via grub) to Ubuntu, nothing seems to be wrong, but when booting to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit I stand a 60-40 chance of... not having a CD/DVD device on either the Computer...
  • Forum Thread: dell inspiron 15 3537 windows 7 32bit drivers

    Please help me to find 32 bit drivers for windows 7 dell inspiron 15 3537
  • Forum Thread: [Dell Inspiron N5110 Laptop Windows 7 64-bit] Missing touchpad driver/support software

    My computer is a Dell Inspiron N5110 Laptop Windows 7 64-bit. I recently reinstalled the OS aswell as the Drivers on CD that came with the computer. I am missing a driver that I need, it seems. My touchpad won't go off when I plug in my USB mouse. The software all the tutorials use is missing. I...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 1545 Wipe and Reload ... WITHOUT Windows Product Key or Dell Reinstallation DVD

    Long story short, I have to rebuild a laptop for a client of mine. The Windows licence sticker is missing from the laptop, she doesn't have the reinstallation DVD and didn't create a set of recovery disks. The laptop is out of warranty by four years and the DVD isn't available from Dell outside...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron M5040 Won't Work/Boot Windows Anymore

    I have been searching relentlessly for an answer to why my laptop has been basically rendered useless, which is hopefully not my fault. This laptop first broke down when it did the routine repair registry errors maintenance when you boot up Windows. Surprisingly, it didn't finish until morning, and...
  • Forum Thread: wifi drivers not working on windows 7 64 bit on inspiron 15 3521

    I downloaded the given drivers for my service tag but the when i am installing the drivers it comes to bluetooth installation and get struck there only ... bluetooth is working but there is no wifi , please can anybody provide the appropriate drivers for my laptop?
  • Forum Thread: How to reload Windows 7 on a new HDD

    Hi I need to replace my hdd on my inspiron 17 (N7010). Now my question is how do I reload Windows 7 as this laptop came with no disks? The laptop is currently functioning fine but running backup the other day resulted in failure. Running Dell Diagnostics flagged up bad sector on hdd.
  • Forum Thread: Hi new to forum - have a Dell 1764 Core i-5, windows 7

    Have owned my Dell for over two years and last year bought a three year warranty extension. For the first year of the laptop, I had the system crash and burn at least twice and it got sent back to the factory to be checked out. At the year anniversary it crashed again and I worked with Dell to arrange...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron N5110/Windows 7 -- windows mobility disable the touch pad option

    When I bought this computer it had an option when I would click the "settings key" on my keyboard. The one that looks like two gears on the top right of my keyboard, opposite the power button. There are 3 extra buttons on my keyboard. Anyway, when I press it Windows Mobility Center pops up...
  • Forum Thread: Beeping noise on start up, reboots after.

    I have a dell inspiron 1545 that runs windows 7. A few weeks back my computer started lagging and I turned it off in the hopes that the ram would clear and it would run again. Uppon starting it back up, I got past the logo screen only to be greeted by a flury of beeps (too fast to distinguish any pattern...
  • Forum Thread: Replace Windows XP on Dell Inspiron Mini 10

    Can the Atom Z530 processor support Windows 7? Is there any other viable option to replace Windows XP? Thanks!
  • Forum Thread: Dell N 5010 laptop

    Dear Sirs, I would like your help about an unusual problem that I encountered. My laptop when I turn it on, enters bios set up and remains there. At first, I thought that a new install of windows would do the trick. I installed windows from a usb drive after many attempts because it kept returning...
  • Forum Thread: cant install windows on new HDD in l205x

    I had to buy a new HDD for my laptop as my old one filed and couldn't repair, when installed and running windows 7 installation disk it wouldnt pick up on the CD drive, eventually i was able to get windows 7 to boot from a usb flash drive but keeps asking for drivers it needs to install, from what...
  • Forum Thread: Clicking noise from Dell Inspiron 17r

    So I have had my Dell Inspiron 17r for a little almost a year. I have had various problems since buying it such as blue screens. The blue screens are usually Kernal Data inpage errors. As of recently my laptop has also been making a clicking sound and it also doesn't turn on what usually happens...
  • Forum Thread: E1505 DVD Drive Not Working

    I just reset my Inspiron E1505 with the Windows 7 disc. Everything is working fine, except for the DVD/CD Drive. It reads the Windows backup disc fine, but will not read any other disc. The drive spins the disc, but the disc is never recognized by the laptop. I have done resets in the past, and have...
  • Forum Reply: RE: SigmaTel audio drivers for Windows 7

    VICTORY!!! Dell Sigmatel Audio Drivers for Windows 7 are on CNet!!! After searching for 3 weeks, Yahoo found it for me. Screw Google!!!
  • Forum Thread: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 on Inspiron 1545 .. .. Driver ?

    Both the windows 7 x64 driver in dell support for Inspiron 1545 and generic drivers at AMD website Install catalyst manager , but do NOT pick up the ATI Radeon. I cannot get this graphics hardware recognised and given a driver to enable it in device manager. What's the trick folks, what's the...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Using and Troubleshooting the Dell Webcam and Dell Webcam Central Software

    ya prove de todo pero no reconoce mi camara, me indica que conecte una web cam compatible como instalo el drive de la camara??? necesito ayuda!!!!!
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 15R 5520 DEAD HARD DRIVE

    So a few months ago the hard drive in my dell was making that terrible clicking noise that usually indicates a dying hard drive. Dell was very helpful and had a tech come to my home and replace the drive at no cost. PROBLEM = Well I dropped the laptop while moving stuff into the other room. It landed...
  • Forum Thread: my dell inspirion screen went blank,

    N4100 was wiped with windex three months ago. After a month you can sometimes see the screen slightly. but not the cursor. Only when you have a monitor connected to it, it works good. What should I do, Do I need a new screen or a lcd cable or backlight, or what.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Blank screen and beeping

    It is beeping 3 times repetitively.
  • Forum Thread: Blank screen and beeping

    I have an Inspiron N5110 with windows 7. This morning I just shut it to put it in sleep mode. Tonight when I got home I opened it an left the room and a couple minutes later I heard beeping. When I looked at my laptop the screen was blank but the power button and the power and internet lights at the...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 15R 5520 Internal Audio Isn't Working

    My Inspiron had working audio for the first few months of use. Then, it started to work sometimes, then sometimes stop working. When I first start up the laptop, the first thing that happens that should give me sound, I hear a popping sound from the internal speakers then all sound is gone. For me to...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 1717R mutes external speaker on startup

    Brand new Dell 17/17R Inspiron mutes the external speakers plugged into the microphone jack on startup. If I unplug and plug in again, they work, but I shouldn't have to do that, right? Any ideas?