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  • Forum Thread: [Vostro V131] Webcam/Camera driver not found

    Hi, I just got an "old" Dell Vostro V131 : the HDD was missing so I replaced it with an brand new SSD and I reinstalled Windows 7 SP1. Everything is working perfectly except the webcam/camera. Windows 7 is not able to find the correct driver for the camera I googled for this problem...
  • Forum Thread: Webcam software/driver for Inspiron 15 (M5010)

    My daughter reformatted the operating system. She used Windows 7, but lost the webcam software/driver. Please advise where I can download the webcam software/driver so we can operate it again. Thank you.
  • Forum Thread: Web Cam Driver

    Problem with web cam My New OS is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with Del XPS M1210 how can I find driver for my inbuilt Logitech Camera
  • Forum Reply: RE: Vostro 3750 Win7 x64 webcam driver

    You are right direction need specify clear you problem and may you get help from this url Thank You
  • Forum Reply: RE: Can't be heard on webcam

    Hello, I have the same problem. I have Inspirion 15R 5520 for a long time now, and it was working great, but a month ago I realised that my mic doesn't work. I tried everything you said, and nothing works! By the was, there is NO hidden devices or any devices exept the theese two. . .Help please...
  • Forum Thread: webcam driver

    I got a inspiron 4010.. after the last time i recovered my windows 7 64bit, webcam didn't work anymore and it's light flashes repeatedly. It cant be find in any kind of program that uses cam, but there is a integrated webcam installed in devise manager... I tried to find driver to reinstall,...
  • Forum Thread: Webcam Driver for L502X

    Hi, I need to find an actual working driver for the integrated webcam in my L502X. I'm currently running Windows 8.1 and my webcam isn't working. I've tried hunting around, but in your driver downloads page I am directed to download some quite old drivers for a webcam which doesn't...
  • Forum Thread: Integrated Camera not working

    Hello, I purchased an Alienware M17x this January and it has been giving me quite a few troubles. This time it will not recognize the integrated camera at all, has been like that for a couple days and restarting the laptop did not help. I cant seem to find the drivers anywhere in the website or my laptop...