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  • Forum Thread: Dell Drivers not working!.

    I had purchased a Dell 3537 laptop and had installed the Dell driver for bluetooth and wireless. Wireless isn't working.Secondly my ethernet driver is also not working. My audio driver is even more horrible. Speakers don't work but works well with my earphone. I use a Windows 8 pro OS. I'm...
  • Forum Thread: Why Dell not updating drivers......??

    Hello sir , I have an inspiron 5521 with windows 8.1 installed on it and has a discete gpu AMD Radeon HD 8730M.. I would like to know why dell is not updating the display drivers.????.The last time one of the drivers was updated was around 1 year before.. I have visited the amd site and they have released...
  • Forum Thread: Strange behaviour : Laptop keeps muting and un-muting at super sonic speed

    Problem Description: Laptop keeps muting and un-muting continuously on a random basis. The problem is showing up as if someone is continuously pressing the Fn + Mute button repeatedly. The screen will display volume bar being muted-normal-muted and so on and the same will be seen on the volume icon in...
  • Forum Thread: Windows 8 Laptop Drivers for Studio XPS 16

    I recently acquired Windows 8 for my dell studio xps 16 laptop. I went to the Dell site to try and download the drivers but they didn't have any listed. Do I need to rollback to Windows 7 or is Dell planning to release them soon? Or do I even need to download them?