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  • Forum Thread: Dell Latitude E5440

    Good Afternoon, I'm currently using MDT to deploy windows 7 x64 to various models/brands of laptop (Dell, Lenovo, HP etc...) However im currently having an issue with the Dell Latitude E5440's. When i deploy the OS it applies the drivers fine and then boots to OOBE after this the TS logs...
  • Forum Thread: Latitude e6510 trackpad driver not working

    Hello, I've recently installed windows 7 32 bit on my dell laditude e6510 and now the trackpad wont work. I've downloaded and installed every driver listed under "Input - Driver" at I've looked all over the laptop and cant...
  • Forum Thread: Bluetooth drivers please for Latitude E6410

    I have never managed to get my bluetooth to work on my Latitude 6410. In Device manager all the bluetooth periferal devices have a yellow exclaimation mark by them. Can anyone please find me a link to these drivers as I really would like to use it. Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Driver Packages for Latitude E6530

    I am trying to inject driver packages from a complete list of Dell Latitude E6530 drivers for only a 64bit intel, I was able to get the LAN drivers installed but the video is stumping me. I found the name of the package I needed for the LAN by looking into the driver details information. The video is...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Dell E6400 Audio Driver

    Hi there... your topic helped me, although I must admit the last link ( ) is the one that worked out for me. I wonder if those are the older drivers? Why the most recent version wouldn't work? Thanks! Happy new year.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Replaced Hard Drive on used Dell Latitude D630

    Hi and thank you again. I will then work to do the drivers in order but am asked for the PCMCIA and/orSmartcard drivers. I see this one in list given: O2Micro OZ77Cxx USB SmartCard Controller, v., A04 but don't see anything for a smart card but maybe I am missing it.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Replaced Hard Drive on used Dell Latitude D630

    Hi, Since I'm doing this for my granddaughters computer I will just do the drivers and leave computer as xp for now but will need to get it upgraded before updates no longer available so appreciate any help on this is appreciated. One thing I notice is a ton of drivers for Dell Wireless... and these...