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  • Forum Reply: Re: Vertical line on Inspiron 9300

    Happened to you yet? LCD, Vertical Lines On Feb 24, 2009 – Discussions ONE through FOUR System: Dell Inspiron 9200 Purchased: 2005 Location: Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES Problem: LCD, Multiple Vertical Lines, Single pixel lines, One Red (Center), One Green/Yellow (Right...
  • Wiki Page: Operating system Installation

    Hi , recently I bought a laptop Studio 15. Its having OS as Vista . Vista wont support for SAP . I want to Install SAP ECC 6.0 . I want to format the system and install windows server 2003. I have a query that If I format the system is their any performance issue with the system . and one more thing...
  • Forum Thread: Power LED light

    I have an Inspiron 1545 and the power light on the front of my laptop usually is white when my battery is charged. I recently had to replace my battery because the old one was not holding my charge. The power light did not come a couple weeks ago and after replacing my battery, the light still does not...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell XPS 15 - USB 3.0 Problem

    I've had L702x system for 2 weeks, and did an enormous amount of troubleshooting (with the help of some great suggestions on this forum) to get the USB3 ports working normally. Finally, since i was going to buy a new HDD anyways, i thought i'd get the discs from dell and re install the OS clean...
  • Forum Thread: XPS 15 L502X sleep mode and shut down problem.

    My XPS 15 L502X sometimes restarts on shutting down and sometimes on activating sleep mode it shut down arbitrarily and then asks whether to start laptop in safe mode or normally, facing a lot of problem, please help. My laptop is just 2 weeks old, and I am facing problem from starting. Have done all...
  • Forum Thread: Latitude D420/Windows 7/Dell BT Travel Mouse

    Hi all, I'm looking for some guidance on how I get my Dell Bluetooth Travel Mouse working on my Dell Latitude D420 running Windows 7. I can connect the device successfully, no worries there, but it just doesn't seem to want to work. The mouse is working fine, as I used it on this very...
  • Forum Thread: Dell XPS 15 l501x fan problem!

    Hello! I have a problem with my Dell XPS 15 l501x fan- is always turned ON ,even when just started Windows 7 (x64) on power save plan (bios A8) I have read a lot of posts and don't find a solution. Help please!
  • Forum Thread: Studio 1735 Fingerprint reader

    I have just reinstalled Windows vista 34-bit. I have installed the authentec drivers for the fingerprint reader but I can not find the security software to goes along with it. Thanks alot for your help.
  • Forum Thread: Factory Image missing!!

    I have Dell Inspirion 17 SE I want to "factory reset" my laptop but during the process pc told me that "factory reset image is corrupt or missing". Now I cant restore to factory state. Help?
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron N5010

    I bought my laptop in from a electronic store in Dubai. I'm back in Canada now and a problem has risen with my laptop the requires me to reinstall windows 7 on it. I contacted Dell Tech Support and they required the service tag, I told them it and they then asked what was the company name. I told...
  • Forum Thread: Dead pixel!

    I've located 3 dead pixels on my 7520 inspiron display! Is there a way to fix it? Or will i have to get a replacement? its still under warranty.
  • Forum Thread: Latitude e6400 wifi problem (1510 mini wlan card)

    I have tried every driver under the sun it seems, yet I only get about 1/10th the connection speed I should on the 1510 mini card. It's always been like this. I'm wondering if there is a fix for this, or if I should just order a different card when I order a Bluetooth card for it, as the e6400...
  • Forum Thread: What is the maximum resolution of external display for Dell Vostro 500?

    I want to buy a new display for work with code. I look into Dell UltraSharp U2312HM. This display have 1920x1080 resolution. And I worry about Will be it work with my Dell Vostro 500 laptop? May be somebody have had some expirience at it. My Dell Vostro 500: Core 2 Duo T7300, GMA X3100 with GM965...
  • Forum Thread: dell wireless can't start in win7

    please help, i was buy 3 dell N4050 and there are no wireless can start in win 7. i was tried to install new win 7 and driver it still can't start wireless. thank you
  • Forum Thread: Qeustions on upgrade Dell Latitude XT Hard drive and Ram.

    Hi Everyone, I would 2 quick questions, if anyone can offer some suggestion/info. I would really appreciate it. 1.) what is the "real" form factor of the Hard drive size? can it really fit a regular 2.5" wide notebook HD in it? 2.) System specific RAM compare to generic RAM /...
  • Forum Thread: Laptop won't stay on

    Hi, Im trying to fix a studio 1555 for a customer, and it just won't stay on. It came to me beeping away, and I figured it had a faulty motherboard, so Ive since replaced it, and it powers on fine, but it will switch off after 5 minutes or less. Its not overheating, as Ive cleaned out the fans...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Vostro 1710 CPU options

    Hi Kostas, Apologies if this post is now redundant because you have already completed your upgrade! I have exactly the same spec laptop as you and I also came to the conclusion that I would rather upgrade one or two components than buy a completely new machine. Generally I am still quite happy...
  • Forum Thread: Vostro beeps repeatedly

    Hi My brand new Vostro 3550 has a problem. Always when I turn it on, i hear beeps (5 times per serires). I can't find this in beep code. After Windows start beeps are gone. All test from Dell Diagnostics passed. I don't know what's wrong. Help me :)
  • Forum Reply: Re: Need Phone Number or Contact Information for Dell Corporate Office****UNHAPPY CUSTOMER****

    < ADMIN NOTE : Email address removed per privacy policy> Can you help with telephone number or email address for top management of Dell. See message below: Data Update Request: Where: stocks -> people -> person.asp URL:
  • Forum Thread: Laptop wont turn on !!!!

    I have been having trouble with my Dell Laptop recently. I have a dell inspiron 6400 and when i try to power it on it wont turn on. When I press the power button , the num lock and caps lock LED'S begin to flash for a few seconds before going off. I need HELP !!!!! PLEASE HELP ME , LOST WITHOUT THE...
  • Forum Thread: Restore Latitude D520 to Factory Settings

    Hi everyone, I'm at my wit's end trying to restore my old Dell laptop to factory settings. About two years ago, my Latitude D520 had a horrible crash. It wouldn't start successfully. I had three options - start Windows normally, use the last known good configuration, or start with safe...
  • Forum Thread: Why does my laptop attract metal?

    I purchased a laptop Dell Vostro 3460 about a month ago. It has been working fine, but today I discovered that it causes a magnetic field and attracts metallic objects. Is that normal and may it cause any problems?
  • Forum Thread: can I upgrade E6320 to the backlit keyboard?

    I have an E6320 and everything works fine. However, I wish that I had purchased the backlit keyboard. Can I now buy the backlit keyboard and install is on my "non" backlit keyboard Dell E6320? Is there anything else that I would need to buy and install (other than the Dell Drivers) ...
  • Forum Thread: Cannot boot Windows 7 install DVD in UEFI mode (Inspiron 15R - 5520)

    I received my Dell Inspiron 15R - 5520 laptop and am attempting to set it up to perform a UEFI boot to a Windows 7 (64 bit) installation. I am using bios version A11 which is the latest available. If I use legacy, I am able to boot fine to the Installation DVD and install/use the system. If I use...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 15r se touchpad problem

    my left click stops working when holding down the right click button and so i cant aim and then shoot in games, which is horrible. im willing to do anything at this point, anything, even if it involves changing a bunch of things. please help.