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  • Forum Thread: Dell Latitude E6410 Cup Reaches 100

    I Am Facing a very strange problem from last few days My Laptop Cpu Reaches 100 Automatically When I Plug In Chargere .. But No Process is Running.. After Removing Charging Cup Return To its Normal Usage.. Why This Happenz ? I Scan Mt Laptop By Anti spyware and malware And Reinstall Windows 2 times...

    I was a customer of Dell customer for 14 years. On average I purchased 5 computers a year and several servers as well. I had a drive that went bad a month after the warranty expired. It took 11 days and hours of aggravation to get a $335 part! I was on the phone so long with the first tech, he started...
  • Forum Thread: "Your PC needs to be repaired" Dell Inspiron 15R (5521, Late 2012), laptop not booting

    Yesterday, I used my laptop and it was working perfectly. I turned it off and a few hours later, back on, but this message appeared: "Your PC needs to be repaired Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information. FILE: \BCD Error: 0xc0000034 You'll need to use the recovery...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Ultrabook 15z Battery(DESKTOP mode,Wear level)

    Hello .. i've purchased this ultrabook (5523) 1.2 years ago.. i am happy with it , but a little confusion is Battery's wear level . it shows me 21% wear level... what is it and is it bad for my ultrabook.. and second is it good to play games heavy ames like (splinter cell blacklist , assasins...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 3737 Failed Targeted Read Test and SMART Short Self Test

    I was running a Dell Hardware Check and it said that i Failed the Targeted Read Test and SMART Short Self Test. I don't really know what that means all I know is that Dell Recommends that I replace my hard Drive. I am under warranty on this Laptop but I don't really want to replace it unless...
  • Forum Thread: Dell customer service didnt fix my latop

    Hello dell.. I have some problem with my laptop's hinge's and also battery.. Its keep saying Warning: Battery cannot be identified on every start up.. I ve called customer care and they offered me to send my laptop to the service to be fixed.. And i ve sent.. They sent me laptop back...
  • Forum Thread: Dell UK and Walsh Western

    Yes, this is an American board. No, there is no English board. Yes, this is just a rant. You order a 2k laptop from Dell. You speak to your company's Indian sales rep. Yes, of course the laptop will be here on Friday 17th or before. It comes from China, but you can track it all the way. Enter...
  • Forum Thread: My dell Inspiron keeps restarting itself!

    It just restarts after about ten minutes of normal use. There's no blue screen that pops up, and, after I ran a diagnostics test, it did not show any errors. Help!
  • Forum Thread: Dell inspiron 7437 screen upgrade

    Hi, I have dell Inspiron 7437 (14 inch) and love it, but it's only 1366x768 resolution and I wish to upgrade to full HD is it possible to upgrade by changing lcd screen?
  • Forum Thread: RAM Upgrading Dell Inspiron 1564

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1564 and I'm currently looking to upgrade my 4gb RAM to 16gb DDR3. Is my laptop able to handle this? Specifically, the brand is G.SKILL.
  • Forum Thread: Dell XPS L501X- Dell Quickset will not work even after installation.

    I own a Dell XPS L501X, and I recently got it's motherboard changed. So, I installed Windows 8.1 Pro this time, and now the Dell Quickset Application won't work. It's installed but somehow it's not working as the programs just won't start. Please help.
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron N5110 - Screen Shuts Off Sometimes When Something is Near The Track Pad

    Sometimes when I lean my iPad or something near the track pad of my laptop, my screen shuts off. I read that there was a magnetic something near there that does that. Is there a way to turn that off?? I don't want that option.
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron N5110 - Speakers don't work when power is unplugged

    Hi. When I unplug my power adapter to take my laptop somewhere, my speakers don't work anymore. To get it to temporary work for a video, I have to go Sound > Speakers/Headphones > Advanced > Test ... and I will have sound. When I watch something on VLC player or online, I have to do...
  • Forum Thread: can i add a nvidia graphics card to my dell inspiron 5000? if so what one?

    i have 6gb ram intel core i5 processor 2.4 GHz windowns 8.1
  • Forum Thread: Dell 1501 black screen on Windows 8.1 starting after driver install

    Hello, I have a problem that I can't resolve it even I have read so many forum pages with possible solutions. Before I start describing my problem, this is my laptop configuration: Dell Inspiron 1501 CPU: AMD Athlon X2 64 TK-55, 1800 MHz RAM: 4GB DDR2 800MHz (2x2GB Hynix HYMP125S64CP8-S6) HDD...

    I have just fitted a replacement motherboard on an Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop only to find that the BIOS is locked and I can't change the date or modify any settings. Please can anyone help? Chris Malkinson
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series won't play games

    I just bought it yesterday, and I tried uninstalling and re installing the games twice. Every time I try to open a game it restarts and brings me to the lock screen. The computer is an Inspiron 15 5000 series, and I have windows 8.1 | What do I do?
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 3537 No usb boot option.

    I have no usb boot option and i cant seem to enable it no matter what i change. Can you please walk me through the steps? Also the laptop has Linux on it that i cant seem to boot either,all i get after the format that i did at the partition that had windows is a syslinux blackscreen. Let me note...
  • Forum Thread: dell xps 1530 thermal pad

    hi, eventually the thermal pad placed on 1 of 3 chips has been dissolved by the years :) where can i buy a substitutive pad? at least i want to know thickness and material..
  • Forum Thread: Dell 5537 vs Dell 3537

    Hi all I am looking to buy a laptop and yet confused about this two models. both configuration is same but only body is saying difference. kindly explain what does it...
  • Forum Thread: Dell XPS Tablet won't power on?

    I've had this tablet for over a year, but I haven't really used it until yesterday. I plugged it into the wall, and let it charge the normal 4 hours. Still after that, nothing happened. I did the "unplug, hold power button for 10-15 seconds, then plug back in for an hour" suggestion...
  • Forum Thread: Managing Level of Battery Charging Dell Vostro 5470

    Hello, After I buy new computer Dell Vostro 5470 I found there is no option to set the highest level of battery charging when you are using computer most time with AC. Do you have any tips how to fix this problem? Does Dell have program for managing this? For example I want have battery between 20...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 14 3421 CPU Speed

    I had purchased this Dell Inspiron 14 3421 in January 2013, working all well. It came pre-installed with Windows 8 and had BIOS version A03. At that time I could change the maximum CPU speed in power management settings, it could run at half speed around 900 Mhz. Currently I'm on Windows 8.1 Pro...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Latitude E5440

    Good Afternoon, I'm currently using MDT to deploy windows 7 x64 to various models/brands of laptop (Dell, Lenovo, HP etc...) However im currently having an issue with the Dell Latitude E5440's. When i deploy the OS it applies the drivers fine and then boots to OOBE after this the TS logs...
  • Forum Thread: Dell E6420 Requests for a Dell Secure Manager password on BIOS

    Hi , we have a E6420 which prompts for a Dell Secure Manager password on BIOS. we do not seam to have the correct password. is there a way to clear or bypass the password? thanks Dilen