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  • Forum Thread: Blue screen of death

    I have a Dell M1330 notebook PC that's just over 2 years old now. It has 4GB RAM, a 320GB hard drive, and a NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS video card. The OS is Vista Home Premium and I keep current with its recommended updates. The BIOS is also up-to-date. Last evening and today, at least 4 times and...
  • Forum Thread: XPS 1330 Black Screen Crash?

    Hello, I have a Dell xps 1330 laptop. Recently, it was overheating and (I'm guessing) that was causing black screen crashes. This happened *anytime* I did anything after restart, whether it be open a browser, click on a game, or even something simple like open the calculator. The comp would freeze...
  • Forum Thread: My xps m1330 keeps freezing up. the screen changes colors sometimes red sometimes vertical lines. Can't get a dell tech to help

    Computer freezes. screen changes colors sometimes red sometimes blue with white vertical lines. I turn it off and back on it works sometimes for hrs sometimes for days before it does it again any help appreciated. I still have a warrenty but can't get dell customer service
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell XPS 1330 and graphic card

    Thanks for quick feedback. Good to know that it can be fixed that way... GPU seems to work, cause it's working correctly in Safe Mode like couple of hours now, without a crash. I'll try to play some with other drivers and maybe BIOS downgrade, and if it fails - I'll call support. thanks...
  • Forum Thread: Restoring the lost Factory Restore Button After formatting/shrinking the Disc volume

    Hi, Recently I have found a nice way to restoring my Dell Laptop to Factory condition which was missing from my Bios after shrinking the hard disc.The procedure are very simple and any one can do it with out any errors.I have shared it here with pictures for each step
  • Forum Thread: really bad dell laptop experiences -- hardware failing,

    i want to relay the gist of my recent Dell experience for all's consideration. The whole Dell experience has been quite painful from the first time the computer failed to operate. August 2011 I purchased a new Vostro laptop at Staples. It was in stock and my two year old Dell SPS lap top...
  • Forum Thread: lost password

    problem with my laptop ( dell inspiron 1525 ) about forgetting bios password service tag : < ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> please help me my e_mail : < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy>
  • Forum Thread: Dell XPS M1330 HDD problems

    Hi all, Have just replaced my old HDD with new Seagate ST9500420AS 500gb HDD all was well when reinstalling, apart from windows updates whch hanged several times but after a very long while updated. Came back to Laptop last night and have had these messages... win/systems/config/system Status...
  • Forum Thread: Operating system installation problem in XPS L501x

     Hi friends, i have dell XPS L501x laptop i was installed windows 7 32 bit but i found that most of the driver is not supported by the windows 7 then i tried to install the windows 7 64bit ,but i did mistak i format all the partition displayed then install the the windows 7 . it was completed...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Delay issue on windows performance and bios performance

    anybody's there that answer my question..!!???
  • Forum Thread: dell xps 17 battlefield 3 fps drop

    hello i just bought the dell xps 17 and , when i play battlefield 3 th fps drops everytime XPS L702X INTEL(R) CORE(TM) i7 -2630QM CPU @ 2.00 GHz RAM: 6,00 GB plz help
  • Forum Thread: XPS L502x hangs during game play

    I have been having problems with my XPS L502x I use to play Saint Rows the Third on my laptop it use to play perfectly but now after a year I restored my factory setting now when ever i install any of my old games they start off perfectly but during the game it hangs a lot kindly help me out.