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  • Forum Thread: Laptop not very responsive and very slow.

    I am having serious issues with my computer and am wondering if anyone can help me. My computer has started acting incredibly slow and even in some cases near entirely unresponsive. For instance, when typing every sentence or so the computer near freezes and types incredibly slow, like one letter per...
  • Forum Thread: battery on Insprion laptop 1525

    My battery was acting up a couple of weeks ago so bought a new AC charger. That didnt fix the problem so figured my 9 cell battery went bad. My warranty expried today 10/5 what are the odds of Dell replacing the battery as it actually went bad a couple of weeks ago and I was trying other alternatives...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Help - Inspiron 1525 shuts down randomly

    verify that the battery lock tabs are both engaged. we had a similar issue with a 1420 haunting us for a couple of weeks, and as it turned out, simple but effective came into play for once. evidentally the power would bounce enough from the battery not being seated properly--even with house power applied...
  • Forum Thread: How I fixed the whole host of problems with my Vostro 1500

    I literally punched and pounded on it until the dreaded blue screen appeared. Then I threw it across the room, went out and bought an Apple MacBook Pro. I highly recommend it. I haven't felt this good for a year and a half - the amount of time that I owned that piece of garbage that Dell passes off...
  • Forum Thread: plugged in, not charging

    My Inspirion1525 just recently started showing on the battery status icon, "plugged in, not charging" . I have reseated the battery and nothing seems to be working. Is this a sign I need a new battery or is soemthing else possibly wrong?
  • Forum Thread: could there be more batteries recalled?

    I went to the recall spot and it says that the battery for my computer is recalled but then it gives a list of the battery numbers and mine doesnt show... but my batter totally wont work I didnt drop it or anything. Whenever its in the orange light comes on and stays on.. if i take the battery out...