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  • Forum Thread: Display lights... help?!?!?!?

    I have a Latitude D820. It is not running off of the battery, but the battery light is flashing, once green then twice orange, repeat. If I check the battery gauge think on the bottom, it says I'm fully charged?!? Anyone have a clue as to what that means?
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 1100, power adaptor won't charge battery

    I have read many people talk about their power supply not charging the battery here. I have read this and other postings and blogs on this matter. I found a posting about the power supply connector on the laptop causing this problem. It took me hours to find Dells motherboard or system board removal...
  • Forum Thread: Dell 9300 Power issues

    I have a sick Dell Inspiron 9300 The symptoms are- Will not power from just battery though diagnostics and indicators show battery charged and at 100% Does not power from just adapter. Must have both battery and adapter to get power at all. Often will not start up even with both adapter and...