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  • Forum Thread: Impossible to connect my Dell Inspiron 1564 to my TV Sony Bravia via HDMI

    Dear all, I have a laptop Dell Inspiron 1564, running with Windows 8 and there is no way I can connect it to my TV Sony Bravia using neither HDMI, nor VGA cables. I have tried many ways to make it work, key combinaisons, try to plug the HDMI cable when the laptop is turned on, read a lot of topics...
  • Forum Thread: Dell laptop n5110 HDMI to TV problem

    Hello, Yesterday I bought a brand new Samsung 32'' TV and I'm trying to connect my Dell laptop to it by HDMI cable. But here is what the TV image looks like: I have installed the latest nvidia updates. How can I fix this issue? Thanks in advance!
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron to LED TV

    I have a Dell Inspiron N4010 with an Intel Premium CPU P6100@ 2.00 GHz with 4.0GB RAM and a 64-bit operating system which I have been attempting to connect to a 47" LG LED TV via an HDMI cable. I have turned both the TV and laptop off connected them via the HDMI cable and then turned on the TV,...
  • Forum Thread: Connect my Dell Inspiron 1545 to my Sony Grand Wega KDF-55WF655

    I am wondering if it is possible to connect my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop to my Sony Grand Wega KDF-55WF655 television. I went to Best Buy and another electronics store and both said I could do this. I purchased a VGA to RGB cable where I connect the VGA plug to my computer and the RGB jacks to the Video...
  • Forum Thread: Wireless display for nVidia GTX680M in Alienware M17X R4?

    Hi Folks, In December 2012, I and others had purchased an Alienware M17X R4 laptop with the 3D enabled nVidia GTX680M video card and the wireless display gadget (Aerobeam something?) you attach to your tv to enable the laptop screen to show up on the tv. Turns out the webpage was flawed and allowed...
  • Forum Thread: my xps 17 doesn't detect that my westinghouse 40'' is connected via hdmi

    my xps 17 doesn't detect that my westinghouse 40'' is connected via hdmi. the cables are near brand new, the hdmi ports are working, the Tv works just fine, but my computer doesn't detect that there is an output device (TV) connected
  • Forum Thread: HDMI out on N4110

    When I connect my laptop to my TV using the HDMI cable the only thing I can see is the wallpaper. No icons appear. The laptop screen goes off. I tried all the projection options in Control Panel > Display > Screen Resolution. Nothing changes on the TV. What needs to be done to be able to see whats...
  • Forum Thread: Screen lags and freezes

    Ever since i downloaded and installed windows 8 on my Inspiron 15r N5110 every so often (usually when i boot) my screen just goes white. It can do this for seconds, minutes, or for eternity. After searching for every available windows update and driver update on the dell/microsoft websites. I am at my...
  • Forum Thread: Windows Media Center

    I've downloaded the Hauppauge program but it seems I can't download the drivers I need to make my WindowsTV work in the Windows Media Center on my Dell Insprion N5050. Can someone help me please... I did get Netflix to work at least, I think I need the drivers for the TV Tuner.
  • Forum Thread: How to Set Up TV as Laptop's Monitor

    I have an Inspiron E1705 laptop and want to use my Sony Bravia XBR TV as a monitor. Plugged in the VGA/SVGA video cable to the TV's "PC" port and the laptop's monitor port. But it is not working. The TV displays "NO PC SIGNAL." OS is Windows XP. Do I need to install...
  • Forum Thread: Lap Top Output to older TV

    I have an Inspiron 1440 loptop. How do I send the audio and sound to my older TV? The TV has only the three (red, yellow, & white) pin type input. Thanks.
  • Forum Thread: connect inspiron 6400 VGA prot to LCD TV HDMI port using only Dell - DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter, would it work ?

    Without a converter for VGA to HDMI, Could the Laptop inspiron 6400 display on LCD TV , If I just purchase online for the Dell - DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - Manufacturer Part# : Dell Part# : 450-14607 ?
  • Forum Thread: Latitude e5410 video out

    Would anyone happen to know if I could connect my e5410 to my television via a simple vga-rca cable? I've read elsewhere that the video card, or in my case the integrated video needs to have tv-out capability in order for this to work, otherwise I'd have to get a converter box in order to make...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron N4010 connect to TV

    Hi, First time posting here. How do i connect my Laptop a Dell N4010 to my TV? I tried using a VGA-to-Component wire but that did not work.