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  • Forum Reply: Re: Studio XPS 16 + DisplayPort + Dell 27" U2711

    I'm having the exact same problem; my Studio XPS 16 won't run the U2711 at 2560 x 1440. I have no problems running the monitor at max resolution on the ATI 5970 or NVIDIA 470. Is Dell going to fix this, or should I exchange the monitor for one with a 1080p resolution (U2410?).
  • Forum Thread: Studio XPS 1640-026B and Flickering Web Page Image Content

    Todd S / Rob Hamilton / anyone experiencing the same, I have a few questions regarding "throttling" issue on Studio XPS 1640-026B (OCT 2009): Q1: Is this issue the cause of video problems like "web page image content causes display to blink rapidly as if trying to refresh the screen"...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Studio XPS 1640 - ATI Radeon 3670 Drivers

    HI ,I have just installed windows 7 X64 Ultimate . Not I tried playing SIM 3 and FALLOUT 3 but the games won't run and I am getting a message thatthe graphic card does not shader model 2 or above . Please help me as when i googled the issue I found that the graphic card is supposed to support shadeer...