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Laptop won't recognize my TV through the S Video Out

  • I have tried everything I know!!!

    I have downloaded the latest Ati Mobility 4 display driver, but My computer will not allow me to enable my television as a display source.
    The cable I have is good b/c I tested it with another source. I have restarted my computer with the cable in, Does anyone have any Ideas?????
  • Just so everyone knows I have an Inspiron 8000 and I'm running Win XP
  • I assume you're using the latest Dell driver for I8000 (A03) from  You have to turn on the SVideo out directly thru the ATi advanced properties.  Dell didn't do any hotkey or other easy way to turn it on

    Display properties -> Settings tab -> Advanced button -> ATi Displays tab and turn on the SVideo there.

    If it still doesn't turn on, you may have a hardware problem and SVideo out may not be working at all.

    Hope that works,