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Cannot switch back to LCD from CRT


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Cannot switch back to LCD from CRT

  • I plugged in my CRT monitor to my Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop to work at home and I am now unable to toggle back to the LCD monitor using the Function+F8 buttons.  Even after I unplug the CRT my laptop will boot with a blank screen.  If I hit FN+F8 the CRT flickers and it appears to be going through the different mointor modes, however I cannot get my LCD to come back on.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Is there any override button that I can press?  Any type of utility that I can download?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • ouch.. well you should have used the nvidia utility instead of the fn+f8, i personally think it's safer through nvidia utility or radeon's if you're using radeon.

    what i have is the nvidia so i'll tell you how to do it through nvidia and you can figure out how to do the same on your radeon. right click on desktop and click properties. go to settings>advanced. under advanced look for the tab with the name of your graphic card and look for something like dualview or something. set your primary device back to your i8600 lcd and that should do it.. hopefully.

  • Thanks for the advice man....unfortunately that did not fix it.  I also have an Nvidia graphics card - the Go5650.  I e-mailed Dell tech support and was advised to install the new driver.......Tried that - no difference. 

    I am debating mailing the laptop frustrated right now.


  • I just finished dealing with the same problem. The system (Inspiron 8500) works fine when docked or hooked up to a monitor, but does not output to its LCD. I get the same blinking when I attempt to change the output. Originally thought it was a corrupt driver issue since the LCD stays on in the BIOS and on a bootable CD. Went through the trouble of uninstalling and cleaning out the ATI drivers. Looked like it worked, I got a display on the LCD, but to test for sure, I outputted to an CRT (worked) and then tried to change it back to the LCD. It failed to do so, looks like something completely else wrong here. Then I noticed that the little nub, where the LCD pushes down on when closing was stuck and not standing straight. Fixed that and lo and behold I could now get the output to work on the LCD and CRT. I have verified this by pushing the nub until it gets stuck again (system might go into standby) and then try to change output (outputs fine to CRT, but won't go back to LCD).
  • Thank you.  That was exactly the problem.  I broke down and called Dell Tech support earlier last night and they walked me through the steps.  The "nub" that little spike that detects whether the lcd is closed or shut - was so far stuck, that I had to remove the top portion of my laptop using a screwdriver.  The tech guy actually walked me through it and I was then able to just remove the part.

    He mentioned that this is a major problem that they have had with this design and many people have had this issue.  They are mailing me a new top portion of the laptop to replace.

    I was shocked by the good tech support.  I called and within 1 minute he identified the problem and helped me out.  No discussion of installing video drivers, check that computer is plugged in, etc......  Great luck!