Closing the lid discoonnects external monitor/TV?


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Closing the lid discoonnects external monitor/TV?

  • When I close the lid on my I8K, the LCD screen is properly turns off, but so does the TV attached to SVGA output.
    I used the computer to play DVD movie on a TV, and wanted to close the lid... It also seem to do the same for external monitor.
    I'm running Win2K, and in power options I've selected "do nothing" when the lid is closed. I couldn't find anything in BIOS for this. Suggestions?
  • yuriy:

    Also check the settings you have for the Display properties in the Control Panel (Start | Settings | Control Panel) - which display is set to primary? Does Fn-F8 to cycle the display to the external monitor only change this?

  • I'm experiencing this on my brand new Inspiron 600m. I have disabled all power management in the Power Control panel and I see nothing in the display properties to inform the machine that the s-video display should remain active when the lid is closed.

    Anybody have and more ideas?
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