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  • My inspiron is cracking at the hinges. Has anyone had this problem before? Is this a recurring problem with the inspirons or dell laptops? What should I do to keep it from cracking any further? Can the hinges be oiled and with what? Is there any warranty that covers this type of problem?
  • This has happened to 2 of the 3 Inspiron 7000 laptops that I have come in contact with.

    The problem is that the hinges use only two very small screws to hold them together. The torque on them is too much over time, and they strip the threads.

    The only solution is to call Dell service and have them replace the hinges.

    I am typing this while on hold with a Dell technician who says he has never seen it in two years of phone support. Hard to believe since I have seen numerous postings about this before.

    Good luck.
  • I got two different answers from dell on line supprot. The first was, Yes this is a problem and they arranged for pick up and delivery to depot repair ( which is where my inspiron is now). GREAT SERVICE!!
    The second was from a different technician who siad that dell could not help and I was on my own to do the reapairs!! The 1st did not say exactly what the fix would be only that a method had been found to fix the cracks and then add some kind of support to the hinges to keep it from happening again. They did say that they thought it was caused by the hinges being either too tight or too loose?
    This is an obvious problem in dell laptops, the question is why do some dell technicians have a fix and some dont??
  • All:

    If the hinges themselves are cracked due to normal usage (i.e. the system was not dropped or subject to impact) you can contact our Mobile Computing Hotline at 800-822-8965 for Government/Education Accounts, 800-234-1490 for Corporate Accounts, or at 800-247-9252 for Direct accounts. You will be connected to a Latitude/Inspiron Technical Specialist who will help you resolve the issue over the phone or arrange the appropriate service. I apologize for the conflicting information you've received from our technicians. Cracking hinges due to normal usage is covered under your system's warranty.

  • I am not too terribly interested or able to send in my Inspiron 8100 notebook for 5 to 10 business days to have the loosened hinges worked on.  Is there some way to tighten them myself or replace them myself by ordering just the replacement hinges?  If you have an answer please leave me a private message.  Thanks.
  • If anyone has the solution to loose hinges on Inspiron 8200, please post it here too...



  • I've had my Inspiron 8000 since May 2001. I've had the hinges repaired in July 2002, and I'm about to call and have them repaired again. This is the only symptom I had: increasing play in the LCD when opened (between 5 to 10 degrees).

    I believe Inspiron 8000, 8100, and 8200 all use the same basic case, so this is what is required to repair your system. The whole plastic panel which holds the LCD must be replaced. The hinges themselves do not come detached from the LCD panel.

    It's not a functional problem, but it makes the laptop feel cheap to me...so I get it repaired. It's no problem for me since they repair it for free, but I'd rather they give me high-quality hinges. I still love Dell and would buy another, but this goes to show that nothing is perfect!

    Let me know if you have any questions about my experience. I'll be glad to help!

  • As near as I can tell the replies to the original question are addressing two different problems with the hinges.  Besides the cracking there seems to be a problem with the screws coming loose and also a problem with the actual ease of movement of the hinges themselves.

    If the screws stripped out I would try tapping new 3mm threads into the existing 2.5mm stripped ones.  If that did not work then I would try small sheet metal screws to secure the hinge assemblies to the base.  I wouldn't buy a new top until none of these remedies worked any more.

    Regarding movement of the hinges.  Don't ever oil them.  I tried this once and shot some WD40 into the hinges.  It had the effect of making the hinges so loose you could no longer keep the screen at any desired angle.  These hinges depend on the friction of the cast metal and are not designed to have any lubrication in there.  If the hinges wear out then I can't think of any remedy other than replacing the top.  If they crack before wearing out and you can get it replaced under warranty then so much the better.

    The hinges are attached to a large metal piece that forms the strength of the top.  The metal piece is held to the plastic top with two screws.  One could buy a new top, remove the metal plate with the hinges, and then sell off the nice new plastic top on ebay to somebody who had theirs all scratched up.  Probably would fetch ten bucks or so.

    Finally, I have discovered that when ordering parts, in most cases, it is cheaper to order parts for the newer models if they will work on your machine.  Last time I checked the top assembly for an I8200 was cheaper than that for and I8000 or I8100 yet they are physically the same but with different part numbers.



  • My computer is starting to crack at the hinges and just went off warranty. I'm curious as to whether or not the cracking is more of a cosmetic problem or not. If it cracks clear through will it cause major problems or is it something that can just be tolerated?
  • Don't really know anything about cracked hinges.  It is my observation that the hinges become looser and looser over time from normal use and eventually the lid will not stay in just any position you want it to.  When it gets to that point I would replace mine.  As far as a "major" problem is concerned about the worst thing that can happen is the hinges break and the lid might not stay up at all.  At this point one could still use an exterior monitor until  replacement hinges are obtained if not on hand.


  • And what is a thread on broken hinges doing in the Video Forum?
  • I guess I shouldn't say that the hinges are cracked. Rather it is the plastic lid in the area over the hinge that is cracked.
  • The plastic area over the hinges is completely separate from the hinges on an Inspiron 8000/8100/8200. Those being cracked is only a cosmetic problem as the whole panel in front of the keyboard (where the power button and access direct buttons are) is just a cover. That piece is easily detached from the system. I wonder how that piece might have cracked though...

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  • I have a Dell Inspiron 3500. (a few years old, but I'm poor). The right hinge gave out about a year ago. It got to where that hinge had about 1/4 inch of slop, and it got larger every time I closed the screen. I senty it to Dell and they fixed it. (I had to send it back twice that I coule remember.)

    Now the left hinge is going the same route. It's not under warranty anymore, so I'm going to need to do something myself.

    Irritating. I'll post again if I learn anything useful.
  • OK, I seem to have fixed my problem.

    Using these instructions: I took the screen off and then the bevel (the plastic part that surrounds the screen) off.

    After all that, I could see that screw #10 in the picture (except on the left side) was loose.  (Very loose.)  So I tighened up everything that I could see, put the thing back together, and it feels nice and snug.

    *victory dance*