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adjusting the screens white balance etc...etc..


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adjusting the screens white balance etc...etc..

  • i just replaced my LCD screen, and compared to my last screen this one seems cloudy or whitish. i tried messing with the brightness and contrast, but it didnt help much, where do i go to adjust the other settings on the screen? thanks.

    also, i know its OT for this forum, but after replacing my screen and my palmrest recently, i noticed that when i turned my computer back on the system bios clock had reset itself and it asked me to adjust it, and now when i turn the computer on, the dell logo and the starting windows logos and progress bars are very small and in the middle of the screen instead of taking up the full screen, anyone know how to solve this? it goes back to full screen when windows starts,  but id like to fix it anyway just because im curious why it did that. thanks in advance.

  • Pressing FN-F7 should resolve the small screen booting problem.

    (This key switches between streching image to fill the LCD or using black border. As during booting the res is only 640 x 480 it needs to be streched to fill the screen).

    As for the brightness. Did you replace the LCD with the exact same type as you had before? If not, it may be incompatible with the video card causing some problems as dells video card are specifically tuned to the screesn that go with them). If it is the same screen, check the connectors and if the screen itself was dissasmbled, the backlight, foils, reflective layers, etc... if they are present and correctly placed

  • what do the backlight foils look like? they messed up and sent me 2 LCDs, i think im going to install the 2nd one today and see if its any better. when i pull the lid down on this new screen.. it appears that the colors sort of invert, i dont recall that happenening on my old one. i originally had the ultrasharp screen with the best vid card, i dont remember which one of the top of my head.
  • Hey, More then likely you have a loose ribbon cable that is straned from the back of the lcd to the systemboard. I get a lot of calls at work about this, if you can get it reseated on bothe the lcd side and the systemboard, 99 times out of a 100, it will be fixed, if you get that 1 time, you will probably need a new ribbon cable which are like $50.00 from dell. Good Luck!!
  • well, i sent the screen back to dell.. they said they will only replace the screen now if i send my laptop to them.... which i dont think im gonna do. i think ill just deal with my original screen, its not that bad. i am just worried about sedning my comp in, and getting a screen back that isnt the same as the one i have now. thanks for all your help. the alt-f7 worked perfect.