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How to make my screen Bigger ?


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How to make my screen Bigger ?

  • Hello,

    I just installed a new harddrive on my laptop C840,my screen is way too small.

    I installed a new driver the most I can do to bring  the sreen  close  where I can see is 1600x1200 ,I want to adjust it with larger fonts and closer to me

    Is there anway I can adjust that I also check the Bios everything was fine .

    Another problem Im running to,my speaker wouldn't work ,I downloaded a new driver still wouldn't work

    Please help Thanks


  • well if your desktop resolution is what you want it @

    there are a couple of options

    1. DPI for fonts (default 96dpi, though some laptops ship @ big 120dpi)

    2. appearance (if in xp; 3rd drop down box is Normal, large, extra large options

    see if that does what you want
  • press FN+F7



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