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White Screen

  • I am currently working on a Dell Latitude CPi. Every so often the computer will switch to nothing but a white screen. I can get everything back up by hitting function-f8. There is no rhyme or reason to when it happens. Any ideas?

  • I've seen this only once, and all the problem was on this occasion was a loose ribbon connecting the screen.
    If you are able to check this it may be a solution.

  • Chris,

    Attach an external monitor to the VGA port on the back of the system. Then using the Fn-F8 key combination, toggle the video signal to the external monitor and see if the display is good on the external monitor. You will need to use it until the white screen appears on the LCD. Does the same thing happen on the external monitor. If the answer is no, then contact Dell Technical Support at:


    Please send a detailed description of the problem, and your Service Tag number.

  • please help.

    I recently bought a dell 640, it was working fine until this morning. When i switched it on i got a white screen, i cannot see anything on the screen.

    I connected a external screen and the laptop is working fine, but the default screen is not working.

    The laptop itself was not dropped or bumped, what happend what could be wrong.



  • The Video cable to the LCD from the M'board is either bad or has become disconnected
  • I have "white screen" problem also.  The warranty on my LS recently expired.  Last week, I noticed the image on the screen would disappear (and only a white screen remaining) if I tilted the screen beyond, say 120 degrees recline.  If I puled the screen more upright by a few degrees, the image returned.  Yet as the days passed, the angle I had to adjust the screen became so great that it was only open (space between screen and keyboard) by about 45 degrees.  Now, there is no image at any angle, just the white screen.

    I emailed Dell Tech Support.  This is their response and I quote:

    "As per our records, your service warranty has expired. In that case, you can opt for Out-of-Warranty repair. The base cost of repair for an out of warranty system is $269 which includes labor, shipping both ways, and any parts other than a motherboard or LCD (plus $699 if the LCD or motherboard needs to be replaced)." (end quote) 

    So a conceivable repair job of almost one thousand dollars!  Well, as you can imagine, I  'd and then I  'd!

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the problem is something minor, less than a Ben Franklin.  I looked around on Ebay and saw a LCD INVERTER BOARD (P/N 6134T) and a LCD FLEX CABLE (P/N1134T).  Anyone out there ever replaced one of these?  Would one of these items fix my problem?  If so, which one, or do I need both?

    Sorry Dell, but can't afford the big buck repair right now.  Any advice from Dell customers would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!!!




  • I have worked on 3 of these and the symptoms you exhibit are characteristic of a Video Flex Cable from the M'board to the LCD that has flexed too many times  in the hinge area. When you change the angle, they touch and work temporarily
  • I'm running a Latitude Cpi A (P2 333mhz). I just started having this white screen problem. At first it happened during Windows, but now the screen goes completely white shortly after the Dell Logo appears. I can't get a regular screen back without using an external monitor. I get about 10 seconds of good visual before the screen goes white.

    Does this also sound like a video flex cable problem? What is the best way to fix this problem myself?

  • Unless you are skilled in Dissembly/reassembly of Dell Laptops, or good at jigsaw puzzles, you might want to reconsider doing it yourself. Replacing the cable requires removing the Keyboard, Palm Rest, Rear Plate, myriad screws(some of them not too obvious), the cover rubbers from the Bezel screws and the screws, the lid and hinges from the main unit, 2 screws holding the LCD panel, then discnnecting the cable from the LCD, the Inverter, and the connection on the Video Adapter . Then getting the new Cable installed correctly in the "Flex Area" and getting it all back together correctly.  I am not a professional tech, and it is not a job I relish doing, but have on 3 occasions successfully( 4 if you count the 1st attempt on a "junker" which was not successful). If you decide to go for it, I recommend you download the Service Manual for the CPiA. The cables run about $10-20 on ebay; try to get a new one as their life is short enough from flexing where they pass through the hinge area, and which is the cause of most failures. Good Luck.
  • I can get my screen back by opening and closing the top until it returns. Must be a problem with the mechanism in the hinges. This is my third Dell laptop with an issue (different one each time). May be my last :0

  • I am having Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 and service tag number is 

    <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> , I am facing the same problem and it is working on external device using HDMI output.
    Kindly suggest me the solution on my email id. <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>
  • I have a dell laptop,

    my laptop screen get white on Start-up...

    Suggest me Solution ??


    Is there any other easy and effective solution for this.. ??

    Insted of replacing the whole Screen.