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7 pin to 4 pin s-video cable


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7 pin to 4 pin s-video cable

  • can i purchase an s-video cable, with a 7 pin connection on one end and 4 pin connection on the other end, from dell? my inspiron 5100 has a 7 pin connection, but my tv (and every other device with an s-video port) has a 4 pin connection. if dell does not sell or provide the cable, where can i purchase this particular cable?
  • I could be completely mistaken, however judging by the appearance of the connector on the laptop, you should be able to buy a regular 4-pin S-Video cable and run it straight to your TV.

  • Regular 4-pin S-video connecter at 5100's end is fine, since the additional 3 pins do not serve any useful purpose in this laptop.
  • Do you know if these pins serve any purpose on the 600m? I'm trying to hook it up to the tv right now and the image only comes through in black and white. It might just be the adapter I am using though.
  • Well, when I first connected it to my TV using S-video, I didn't have a problem.

    But, when I wanted to use an RCA cable instead (b/c the TV didn't have S-video), it comes out in black and white. I used S-video out to an adapter, and an RCA cable to the Video in on the TV.



  • That's the same problem I'm having. I Might try hooking the DVD player up with the adapter to see if it gets the same problems. Then I can see fi the TV's don't like the converted signal, or if the laptop doesn't like putting out a converted signal.
  • All,

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    The port on Dell systems is a Composite and S-video port.  You will see the standard 4 pins used by an s-video cable.  The other pins are for composite video.  There is a dongle for Dell systems that has only an RCA jack on the other end, and this is a composite video dongle that can be used with the system.  Standard s-video to s-video cables, and s-video to composite adapters should also work.

    It is important that you have the TV connected and on when you start your computer.  You may not see the controls necessary to enable the TV as a display if the system cannot detect the TV.  If your signal is black and white instead of color, check the NTSC/Pal settings and make sure they are correct for your TV.