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Inspiron 8100 Display Periodically Dark


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Inspiron 8100 Display Periodically Dark

  • I have an Inspiron 8100. When I connect to my docking station, everything works fine.

    However, when start the system up without an external monitor, the inital Windows 2000 window displays properly, but then when the log in window comes up, the screen is very dim, almost to the point where you can't see it.

    This problem occurs whether I have the laptop connected to the external power source or not.

    I have heard that on some Dells, the screws on the bottom can be loose and cause an issue. I have tightened them, and this seemed to have helped, but then the problem still is occuring. So far the only solution I have is to restart a few times and hope for the best. At some point, one startup is ok and then the display is normal at login, but I don't know the root cause or solution.

    Any ideas?

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  • Normally when similar issues like this comes up I immediately go for the "lcd inverter" or possibly but less likely "backlight tube" option. This case might be a bit different in that you are saying it does not matter whether you're on battery or not. Me and quite a large number of I8000 and I8100 users have had to replace our lcd inverters but in our case the symptoms have been that the problem can be intermediately fixed by taking out the power lead and running on batteries. This normally works for a while until the screen gets dark. Then you have to turn the pc off and wait for a couple of hours before you can restart and run for approx another hour until the backlight goes again. If this is the case for you then replace the inverter have helped me twice.

    If not, do a search on the forum for "backlight" and you might find other people out there with the same issue as you have.


  • Thanks for the response Harre. Yeah, what confuses me is that the problem doesn't occur all the time. I could understand if perhaps the display was dim when running on only battery or was more consistent.

    When I do get it booted up properly, it doesn't have any problems staying bright.

    I will do a search like you suggested.

  • how about trying to reseat the lcd cable? just pull the control panel off the keyboard (control panel is the one where the power button is located) and then you will see a white cable right in the middle. try to pull that out and put that back in. there might be a loose connection with the cable.