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XPS 9550 BSOD after BIOS update


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XPS 9550 BSOD after BIOS update

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Have someone else experienced the problem with the VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD after BIOS update - Dell XPS 15 9550 1.2.21?? It usually happens after sleep/monitor off. After downgrading to BIOS 1.2.19 i no longer experience the problem. 

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  • Same problem here after updating video driver and BIOS.

    Dell support: when about 10-20 people report sudden identical problem after a specific driver update, do you REEAAALLLLYY think it's best to ignore the obvious problem and post an outdated youtube video instead of filing an internal bug report? You are just delaying a solution and reducing the speed of Dell processes to fix this problem... This isn't one guy posting a badly defined problem, it's lots of people posting the identical problem. It really shouldn't be so hard

    P.S.: Problem is better described here:

    It's actually the graphics driver, not the BIOS.

    SOLUTION: Roll back from faulty version to last working version You can download the older, working driver here:

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  • SalikPedersen,

    Click the link below to download and update the latest video card drivers for your system.

    XPS 9550 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

  • I already tried that and it didn't help, unfortunately:-(

  • I got the same issue.... getting the same error code: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE on igdkmd64.sys.   Running Windows 10, did Bios update a couple weeks back.  Experiencing many app crashes with Windows office (Outlook, Word Excel).  Performance is very slow .... expecting better with a core i7 chip....

    Need to restart the XPS 15 laptop several times a day just to run the apps.

    Need help on this one.

  • I have the same issue, i installed the last drivers for nvida card,  intel graphics and last BIOS version.

  • Same here..I updated the BIOS  and nvidia drivers yesterday and I am getting BSOD every 15 mins

  • I tried rolling back the Intel Graphics driver to the previous version 15.45, and so far no BSOD. So it might also be a problem with the new Intel driver as i updated both the BIOS and the driver around the same time...

  • I have the same problem after the BIOS and other drivers update.  Lots of BSOD , screen flickers etc etc. I have downgraded the BIOS to 1.2.19 but the problem still persists. Need a solution asap..

  • Apparently i was a little to fast when declaring the 1.2.19 BIOS better... It just took longer for the BSOD to show up...

  • I have the same problem. I am just about to call & use my NBD support so I will let you know their view on this issue.

  • I have the same problems after updating  to BIOS 1.2.21 - a lot of flickering when sleep / resume and dock / undock external monitor. Sometimes BSOD with VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE igdkmd64.sys.

    I have all Dell driver and Windows updates. Did not happen before the latest BIOS.

    I also have Dell which shows 3 updates available: Intel Graphics 530, Dell Dock, Dell Update SupportAssist though I have checked and I have the latest Intel Graphics 530 from Dell and the Dell online driver check tool says everything is up to date!

  • I have exactly the same problem so I have just called to the Czech Pro Support and they are going to replace whole main board for me. I will let you know if the problem persists.

  • I got the same issue :-(. BSOD with stopcode VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE on igdkmd64.sys. Upgrade/downgrade BISO version 19 and 21 makes no difference.

  • Need and answer to this issue from Dell. Newest drivers and bios causes the issue. For those of using this computer for work presentations it's very embarrassing to have it crash. The 4K is a great concept and very clear...but so many problems with video including Windows 10 formatting dialog boxes so small you can't interract.

  • SalikPedersen,

    Thanks for posting back about the error. Below is a youtube video on how to resolve this error.

    Fix VIDEO TDR FAILURE (igdkmd64.

  • I have absolutely the same issue.

    Just when the Windows boots up the screen goes black several time then I get a blue screen.

    So computer is completely unusable.

    Updated BIOS, updated Intel HD drivers from Dell Support site.

    But I cannot update the GTX960m card driver from Dell Support, installation fails


    And I cannot download that driver version from nVidia official site.

    I hope Dell would fix this ASAP, cause this is just unaccaptable fail.