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Inspiron 7559 4K Display lag

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I'm having what seems to be a known problem. I'm posting this in the hopes that maybe someone has found a solution to this as well as to expose the problem a little more to dell in the hopes that they'd address it.

I have a dell inspiron 7559 with the 4k display option. The laptop comes with an nvidia 960m as well as a 6700HQ. Windows animations lag. A lot of programs not built into windows 10 lag as well including chrome and firefox. Now the catch is that microsoft edge browser runs absolutely smooth. This gives me reason to believe that the problem may be a driver concern? For Edge to run smoothly means that the laptop has the power to render windows at 4k resolution. I guess certain programs may have problems interacting with the hardware.

If I lower the resolution in windows settings, the lag is reduced although still present depending on the amount of other programs I have running.

I updated my intel graphics drivers to the latest versions avaiailbe from dell and I've updated to the latest nvidia drivers directly from nvidia themselves. I tried updating to the latest intel drivers from their site but was stopped by an error message since the drivers are not made by dell.

Any help on the situation would be gladly provided. This is my only problem with the laptop as of now.

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  • The 960m is perfectly capable at FHD resolution but it's not fast enough to run a 4K screen for many applications.  The bare minimum for 4K is a GTX 970 -- and even it is challenged to keep up with a 4K screen under applications such as gaming.

    In general, Edge is slimmed down resource-wise relative to Chrome and Firefox - it's a more bare-bones browser, which is probably why it performs acceptably,

    Since Edge works, while other applications lag - it's not a driver problem.  One test;  disable the internal screen and attach an FHD external monitor and run the applications on that.  You'll very likely find the performance is fine across the board -- and you'll then have found the issue.  

  • I know the 960m isn't 4k gaming compatible. I wasn't refering to gaming performance issues. It should be noted that by default the intel hd 530 from the 6700HQ is responsible for rendering windows and the 960m is inactive. My concern is that, other branded 4k laptops which don't even have a dedicated nvidia gpu can run windows at 4k resolution just fine. While the dell with similar specs stutters.

    Also, why would dell ship a 4k laptop if the laptop is unable to run windows at 4k resolution? That seems pointless. From my research, the intel hd graphics should be able to render windows properly, but something is causing it to fall short. That's why I assumed it may be a driver issue causing reduced performance from the integrated GPU.

  • One big resource hog is the Windows indexing service -- or "search" feature.  You can try disabling it to see if it helps -- it might.


  • Tried that method a few weeks ago after coming across a forum post about a similar problem on a dell xps 4k. Didn't work for me though. To add a little more information, nothing seems to be using up excess system resources. At idle my cpu usage is 1-2% and the gpu usage is low as well according to GPU-Z.

  • Do Dell representatives check these forums? I was hoping for a reply from them. It'd just be nice to know they noted the problem and are working on a solution.

  • Did you find any solutions? I'm having the same problem. I tested the laptop on a 1080p screen and it is very smooth, nothing like the 4k.

  • Did you get any solutions? I'm having the same problem

  • Nope. It seems to be a very common problem too. I'm not sure if dell is aware of it. No representatives have responded.

  • The biggest problem for me is that it doesn't seem to be a hardware issue, so maybe dell just won't make any replacements or something like that.

    Anyway, you just got used to the lags? How's that working out?

  • The lag only affects me really when it comes to web browsing. But by using microsoft edge its mostly gone. The cons are that I can't use the add ons I've grown accustom to in chrome.

    Also depending on what other programs you are running, the lag can be pretty bad even in edge browser. If I'm using skype with someone, the whole computer is laggy, including edge as well as vlc. Makes it difficult to watch a movie. I have to lower the resolution to get the frames to smoothen out.

    I read other forum posts where people have sent back their laptops for a replacement and the new laptop has the same lag problem. I highly doubt it's hardware based. That's why I'm hoping that dell is working on a solution.

  • Do you know what version of the BIOS the system is running? You might want to enter your Service Tag here but I did find a new BIOS that might address this here. Also does anything other than basic use make it seem worse? I saw this thread, but I don't think it sounds like the same issue.

    Lastly on your power settings do you have them set to high performance? I know that seems like a simple question but wanted to see if it changed anything with regards to the lag. Also, if you use an external monitor and not the build in display does it change anything (I know you tried lowering res but was curious on this)? 

    Best regards,


  • At the moment I'm running version 1.2.1, the version just before 1.2.2 that was realsed a few weeks ago. I'm a little reluctant to update to the latest bios version especially as it doesn't seem to address my issue directly and well updating the bios has the potential to brick my laptop. I'm not sure if I'm being a little paranoid.

    I tried using the high performance profile with no noticeable change. Also I don't have an external monitor to test your suggestion.

    Is there any way for you to contact dell and find out if they're working on this problem? Or if they deem it as a problem in the first place?

  • Similar issue here on my 7559 4k, which I bought a few weeks ago. Was more noticeable during the first few days, when Windows 10 was indexing all my files for the first time, but is still present now. It basically feels like the built-in Intel HD graphics is having trouble running the Windows 10 desktop.

    Tried updating to BIOS ver. 1.2.2, switching to "maximum performance" plan in the Intel graphics settings, and applying all Windows 10 updates, to no avail. While the laptop is certainly usable, there's still noticeable lag / choppiness in Windows 10's desktop animations, as well as when watching YouTube or Netflix. Watching HD video in both maximized and full-screen windows seems to result in dropped playback frames regardless of video player used (I've tried VLC, MPC-HD, and Windows Media Player).

    Playing games with the built-in GTX 960M doesn't seem to cause any issues - gaming is smooth, high frame rates, etc.

    Open to any suggestions / insight at this point.

  • jointstereotype I've about tried everything except using the generic intel driver available from their site. Did you by chance explore that route of troubleshooting?

  • Yvan1501, I tried installing the latest generic Intel graphics driver from the Intel site, but got an invalid driver error during installation suggesting that the laptop manufacturer-provided driver be used instead. Currently, I'm using Intel graphics driver ver., the one from Dell's support site.

    I also tried switching over to the 960M graphics globally in the Nvidia control panel, but that didn't seem to affect the desktop at all. It feels like the laptop is struggling to keep up with Windows 10's animations, as well as video playback. Every time I open more than 2 or 3 windows, the fan kicks in - again, like it's trying to keep up with basic, day-to-day activities.

    Does anyone know of a workaround for trying out the generic Intel graphics driver?