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XPS M1530 - Screen does not turn on


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XPS M1530 - Screen does not turn on

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I have an XPS M1530. The other day, my laptop stopped working. Upon powering up, the optical drive and webcam would start as normal, the hard drive would appear to work quieter than it normally would, and the screen would remain black.The startup sound still appeared to work, observed through headphones. If attached to a secondary monitor, the computer would appear to work as normal. Do these symptoms sound familiar?
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  • As it's OK with an external monitor, the problem is most likely the backlight.  If you can see a dim screen display when shining a light on the screen, the backlight power supply (inverter) needs to be replaced.

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  • Thanks for the response.

    Unfortunately,  do not see a dim display, even if a flashlight is directed to the screen.

    If I make the room completely dark, the backlight itself is visible, even though nothing appears on the screen. This is similar to if the computer is on standby.

  • Think of it like having a TV on, but with the cable box turned off.