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[Inspiron 17R] How do I completely disable iGPU?


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[Inspiron 17R] How do I completely disable iGPU?

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I've already posted this to Intel's forums and had no answer given: http://communities.intel.com/message/165285#165285

So I recently bought an Inspiron 17R with Intel HD 4000 / nVidia GT 630M and I already hate Intel/Dell guts. The picture quality of Intel's iGPU is [censored] horrible and Dell does not allow you to force discrete graphics in BIOS. Please either release a fix for dithering on iGPUs or even better, let us force a proper GPU in BIOS, currently this option is not there on Dell's BIOS.

I am starting to think of returning this Dell laptop and getting an Acer or whatever because they allow forcing a proper GPU in BIOS.

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  • There is no way to disable the Intel GPU.

  • @ejn63,

    There was a BIOS switch in my old laptop, and according to some Googling there used to be one in Dell laptops until they removed it from their BIOS.

  • Just found out that once upon a time in the past Dell had released a BIOS upgrade for Vostro 3550 to bring back the most critical switch in BIOS: