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Switchable graphics - not switching


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Switchable graphics - not switching

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I just bought a dell inspiron 15R- 5520, with switchable graphics.

I am unable to use my ATI graphic card for the games and other applications which I use. The intel graphic is being used for every App.

When I disable the Intel graphics hardware (to force the ATI mobility card to be default) then the screen goes to 800x600 and I can't switch to another resolution or access the CCC.

Also, if I am accessing a game that profiles my hardware, it only has Intel HD integrated graphics listed. Even I switch the program under Switchable graphics to be high performance.

Also, if I download the AMD/ATI driver to automatically tell me what I need, I get an error saying that AMD/ATI cannot update due to incompatible hardware/software...etc.

I've already re-installed the original drivers by doing a clean OS install twice and the same things happen.

I only really care about using the ATI mobility dedicated graphics which is why I bought this setup, but I can't even tell if its working and it seems some programs only use the intel setup anyways. I dont care about the Intel graphics and am not bothered if i have to disable them.

Any additional thoughts or tips?


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  • There is an order of installation of drivers that must be followed when you do a manual install.  The two critical pieces are the Dell notebook system software and the Intel chipset driver -- without these, many other drivers -- including the ATI Catalyst drivers - will not work properly.

    See step 4, here


  • i have the same problem can any one help us

  • my 3450 had AMD drivers and I also could not use the automated installer so I downloaded and installed the drivers manually by picking Radeon HD Series and Windows 7 x64. Driver is now version 12.8 and everything is as it should be.

  • Hi there, iam just wondering how did you order a 15R 5520 with switchable graphics because iam trying to do so but it doesnt show in my configuration page :/

  • Dude I got exactly the same problem in my inspiron n5520, in fact when I start dell support center and view the system cofiguration it does'nt detect any amd hd 7670m card and shows only the intel hd 4000 card... although i can see it in the device manager. And playing games is like self torture as it doesnt switch to hd7670 and plays on intel hd 4000 even in the high performance mode...dell seriously needs to look into, this lots of people are having this issue.

  • me too having the same problem....I have an inspiron 4050 running on a Ati card and same thing is happening to my laptop tooo....its just getting into my nerves and iam wondering whether it has a graphics card or not????????

  • i am having exactly the same problem if anyone finds any solution please do let me know @ <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

    did anyone contacted dell for this issue ? on call?

  • God! i have the same problem as well :C

  • Catalyst control center not starting, error: there are curently no setting that can be configured using catalysy control center .

  • Same problem here!!!!!!

  • I have Same Problem

    can anyone help us ???

  • the same exact problem is happening with me  with the same laptop model , I hope to find a solution and pass it to me.

    p.s. I found about 5-6 questions expressing the same problem and when i tried to post these post they said"duplicated posts" !!!! well DELL find us a duplicated solutions then!!

  • Hi everyone,

    Try the following driver and check if it fixes the problem :


    Note that you have to clean install this driver i.e. you have to uninstall the old driver from the system and then reboot and install the above driver and then reboot the computer again. The above drivers have a good success rate and have been reported as solving the issues with switchable graphics.

    Hope this helps

  • does this driver worked ppls?

  • yes it works great but u have to uninstall the drivers and catalyst first my games work very smooth now .... :D 

    try  it you will not be disappointed by this ...