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Help with Inspiron N5110 graphics issue :(


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Help with Inspiron N5110 graphics issue :(

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Hey :)

I am having trouble with my Dell Inspiron 15R N5110. My OS is Windows 7 64-bit.

The issue is to do with the video card. From what I am aware, the laptop comes with a discrete 1gb nVidia GEforce GT525m graphics card, alongside the basic Intel (R) HD Graphics Family that comes standard.

The problem I face is that I cannot seem to find evidence of the GEforce card anywhere: system checks, device manager....nowhere does it say that I have such a card onboard.

However, as a discrete card should, when I attempt to play quite taxing graphical games (The Darkness 2 etc.) my laptop runs them, indicating that the 64mb Intel card has been replaced by the discrete 1gb GEforce card, as for example The Darkness 2 requires a minimum graphic capability of 512mb.

I'm really running out of options now. Everyone online claims it should appear under device manager, and if it doesnt then all I have is the Intel card. Yet I can run quite powerful applications far beyond the Intel chip's capacity. I've also read much about the so called nVidia control panel or 'Optimus', and yet I do not have either of these on the computer either. I cannot install the latest GEforce drivers as the installs never recognise that the GT525m exists.

I sincerely hope that you guys can help me out on this one, as nobody else can.


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  • The N5110 doesn't have nVidia -- it has an optional AMD Radeon 6470 chip.  Did you order the upgraded model with the AMD option, or just the base model that has Intel-only video?

  • I looked in the manual and it mentioned the AMD alongside the nVidia, but due to the abundance of people online claiming they all had GeForce i assume I did too.

    And I couldn't tell you, to be honest. But as I said, I can run games and animation software and such in high quality so there must be something other than the Intel Chip. On some applications (Amnesia: The Dark Desent game for example) it simply won't play due to not enough graphical power or what have you...yet it plays more powerful titles...I'm really at a loss.

    Thank you for the reply though :)

  • You can look up the specifications on your specific system at

  • Under the specifications for my config for the display adapter it showed:

    Intel(R) HD Graphics Family -1262.412109375MB

    However, under the purchase section my model is equipped with the GT525m.

    Sigh. Confused ><

  • Does the BIOS screen (F2 at powerup) show the nVidia adapter?  Which model is it?  The N5110 lists ATI, not nVidia.