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Latitude E6420 HDMI Output

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Okay, maybe this sounds silly.  But I have an E6420 with this fancy HDMI port on the back of it.  And I have a 6 month old Toshiba TV with plenty of empty HDMI-in ports.  How the heck do I get it to display on my TV?  Apparently just plugging in an HDMI cable isn't the trick, because nothing happens.  Is there some kind of Fn+F8 combo like there is with VGA that I need to use or something?  Thanks!

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  • Hi igendreau,

    Welcome to the Community.

    Once you connect the HDMI cable between the TV and system,you need to select the Input source using the remote or the menu on the TV itself ( Example HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 depending on which HDMI port you have used on the TV)

    Than on the system go to Control Panel,Display,Change Display settings.

    On that window you’ll see that it shows there are two different displays, but one of them will be disabled.

    Click on the second monitor then choose “Extend the desktop onto this monitor” and click “Apply”. The HDTV screen should come to life and show you a Windows desktop background photograph. If it doesn’t, try again. Sometimes you have to select this more than once.

    I recommend that you now tweak the resolution on the second screen to be at least 1100 x 650, depending on what options you have.By adjusting the resolution you can have the background photo spread across the TV screen.Make sure the sound is not muted and adjust the volume on the TV and system accordingly.

    Now you can drag things across to the TV screen and use TV as the extended display.

    Hope this helps,

    Thank You


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  • I'm very familiar with using VGA with external monitors, TVs, projectors... both to clone or to use as extended desktops.  So what you're saying is, it should basically work similar to that.  I was just wondering if the HDMI process is somehow different.  For some reason, my laptop isn't showing up on the secondary screen.  Maybe I'll try updating the NVidia driver and see if that helps matters.  Thanks for the update though!

  • Hi,

    Did it work after updating the driver?

    Thank you,


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  • Hi

    I am also facing same issue - connecting E6420 to Toshiba 46L5200U. Laptop is not at all recognizing the TV.

    I have latest display driver and also updated the firmware in TV.



  • I have a brand new E6420, and although 2 monitors (a DVI and a VGA) are hooked up, it will only recognize one of the monitors.     Plese help

  • Here's what I ran into, and how I fixed it:

    We use 6420s, and I noticed in device manager that they have BOTH Intel AND NVidia video drivers installed.  The only conclusion I could find was that Intel was driving the computer's LCD display and NVidia was driving HDMI.  So, if I would use the keyboard (Fn + F8) to change the display, it would work fine for VGA connections, because those fell under the control of the Intel card.  Same thing for if I chose "screen resolution" from the desktop.  All those were only addressing the intel card, which controls VGA and built-in display.

    To use HDMI, which falls under Nvidia, connect your cable and then right-click on the desktop and choose the Nvidia control panel.  From there, you can control display cloning and extending the display to your HDMI monitor/display.

    Hope this helps someone- I spent a lot of time tearing hair out over this.

  • Dear Roshan,


    I have DELL Lattitude model. Using my lapto I try to connect my Sony bravia LCD with HDMI cable.

    After establish the connection, I try to enable the HDMI mode in my TV [channel setup]. After that, it display to enable the HDMI, when I try to enable, it show the below error.

    "TV send command to HDMI device and not getting response. Please check the HDMI setting".

    Please help me to resolve this issue.


    Thanka dnd Regards,


  • Hi Muthu,

    Welcome to the Community,

    Try the steps below and see if it helps :

    Turn off both TV and your Latitude system.

    Connect the HDMI cable between the TV and system.

    Turn on both TV and system.

    Select HMDI input on the TV Display menu.

    On the system go to Control Panel,Display,Adjust Resolution,click on Detect.

    It should ideally detect the Sony TV connected to your system.Then you can select Duplicate display to get the system display on the TV.

    If this does not help post for your full system model with Windows version installed.

    Example Latitude E6420 running with Windows 7 (64 bit).

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  • Hi Guys,

    In my case the problem was the cable - I got a quality cable (by quality I mean any branded cable and not the one that comes free with cable box) and everything worked fine.

    It's more of a TV not accepting the wrong cable - laptops are pretty flexible.



  • Hi Roshan


    Need some help. I am facing a siilar issue.

    I have bought a 3rd HDMI cable and hopding i would be able to plug my Dell Latitude laptop on same to my Samsung TV.

    However no success as I see error on my TV screen as - NO SIGNAL. I have tried eveything you have mentioned here however not nothng is working.

    Please advice.



  • Hi sameer1907,

    I would like you to check again after connecting the system to external monitor or TV. Press windows key + P to check if you are able to see the display from the laptop.

    Also, please consider updating the Video card and Audio driver on the system. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the OS, then download the Audio driver from Audio section and Video card driver from Video section onto the system and install it.

    Please let me know if this helps.

  • I know this an old post, but I had the same problem, last night (04/25/14), and I came to this forum for suggestions.  My lattitude uses an Intel graphics program, but I suspect it will work with whatever graphics program controls your laptop.  I changed the refresh rate in the settings to 60p from plain 60.  I remembered that my TV was a 1080p, and once I changed the refresh rate, to match the letter designation of the TV, viola!  It worked.  Good luck!


  • I have a dell latitude 6440, and am trying to export just video via the VGA port but researching the VGA to rca video or s-video cables, people are having a hard time because their laptops do not have tv-out option... Does my laptop have the option to use a vga to s-video cable ?

  • I tried this, I had no options for changing any settings on NVIDA except 3 D rendering??  Not detecting my HDMI at all.

  • In Nvidia control panel there is no  control display cloning and extending the display to your HDMI monitor/display option in windows 10. PLease help

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