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Dell Inspiron 1525 monitor

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Inspiron 1525 laptop screen/monitor has died. If tilted back I can see the words/lettering on the screen but otherwise unreadable.

I have connected an external monitor and with {Fn/F8} I can output successfully to monitor. Acceptable workaround but I would like to fix my laptop.


Laptop screen  works during boot and I can read screen in BIOS. I see logon icons and can logon but seconds later I get the black screen. Any new software

(webcam) was removed. Hardware failure? What to replace though?  Any advice would be appreciated


Next step is to pop her open and giggle a few wires.




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  • When booting check to see if all three lock lights on the keyboard flash once, then the laptop is POSTing.  Try turning on the laptop while holding down the (Fn) key. This will start up in a diagnostic mode.  Run all system test and see what message if any you receive.

    Post back with what you find.

    Good Luck,


  • Another thing to try is to boot into Safe Mode.  If you monitor works then, you have a corrupt video driver.  You will need to reinstall it.


  • One of the things you need to do in case you encounter any types of problems is by running your unit to Safe Mode.

    What you need is a one heck of a   !

  • All

  is where I am at. I ran the pre-boot system assessment and got a error code of 2000-0333. A litte research shows

    that error about either user intercation or graphic /video card. I removed the upper plastic case and looked at the LCD

    All connection re-set. Booted up  the comptuer and got good video on the screen for a few moments but then it went black. Now here is what

    is strange. The sceeen is completely black. If I sign a flashlight into it I can see text, icons, pictures.

    I tried safe mode, for drivers and updates. No luck. I think my lcd is fried. Replace it?




  • or should I replace the ribbon cable

  • 2000-0333 means Graphics test timed out waiting for keyboard response.

    Re-run the Diagnostics while being at the Computer to interact with the Diagnostics.  It may not be bad.