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Dell inspiron n7110 problems


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Dell inspiron n7110 problems

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Hello, I have multiple problems withj my Dell.

When I first installed windows xp everything worked correctly, but after that i istalled windows 7 and laptop shut down when windows was finalizing. I restarted installation but when it waas done there wasnt any drivers on computer.

I didnt get the cd with dell so i downloaded drivers from dell page and after installing many of things worked but two didnt.

First bluetooth installed program it can find devices but other devices cant find my dell and also I cant recieve or send any files. When I try it only said that he couldnt connect with device.

Second is webcam. On xp it worked fine and it had installed program for camera so I cuold run it from my computer as removuable disk.

After installing w7 and drivers in device managaer it tells that driver is fine but I cant find from where to run camera. I downloaded dell webcam central software 2.0 but it said: NO SUPPORTED WEBCAM DRIVER DETECTED. PLEASE INSTALL DRIVER USING DELL RESOURCE CD... I try to find it on internet but i cant find resource for n7110 model.

So I anyone have same problem as I? And can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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