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My M4600 came with 1.40.28 installed, which updated to 1.40.38, which updated to 1.40.42. I posted previously about how I tried the anti-motion blur setting to see if it would improve the refresh rate for yahoo messenger. When I selected it, the cam went black and the setting disappeared so I could not deselect it.

I called Dell technical support to see if they had a solution. They remoted onto my computer and deinstalled the software, but they did not have the original version (if you can believe that!) so they installed 1.40.05, which also installed the advanced audio engine and updated to 1.40.35. This version did not work properly. The picture controls were not working. Dell does not even know if this version of software is compatible with the camera on the M4600!

I also noticed that the deinstallation process removed the software from the program files folder, but not from the registry or from downloaded programs. (Good job Creative Labs!) The issue was escalated to level 2, which has no solution but to re-image the system. They had the gall to ask me to contact Creative Labs to see if they have a solution. I'm really disgusted that Dell is providing such poor support for this product. Dell is the OEM and they have a responsibility to provide proper support, including getting their vendor to fix the software and fix the deinstaller so it properly removes the software.

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  • I am facing the same situation on my Dell Latitude E6420 running 64-bit Windows 7. The cam was very clear and out of curiosity I clicked the anti-motion blur check-box, and the cam immediately went very dark (even in in bright light), and the checkbox disappeared so that I couldn't disable the feature and none of the video control slide bars have any affect on the picture quality.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Webcam Central software to no avail. If I boot up in safe mode, I can see the checkbox, but in safe mode the integrated cam isn't detected so you apparently can't actually change the settings in safe mode.

    Why on earth would Dell/Creative Technologies introduce a booby trap like this? Selecting the anti-motion blur option has rendered the integrated cam on my laptop as useless.

    M4600, did you ever find a solution?

  • I deinstalled both versions of software. Since Dell technical support could not find the original version, I looked around and accidently stumbled on C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\Software Update\cache which contained an updated version of the software, which I installed. Initially, it still did not work, but after a few reboots, it started working again.

    Dell is doing a terrible job of supporting their users with this software. Please reply to my OPEN CALL post. Maybe if enough users respond, Dell will get the message and do something.

  • Try this link. 

  • This fixed my problem with the WebCam on the Dell E6420 with integrated WebCam.