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My display does not fit the screen


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My display does not fit the screen

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My display recently went too big, the taskbar is below the bottom of the screen and cannot be seen.  I have changed display to different sizes , changed the Hardware accelerations, I have reformatted the harddrive and reinstalled Window all to no avail.  Here is the weird thing.  When I load the drivers two instances of the driver appears.  I have tried to disable one of them, it changes nothing. I have tried deleting one of them, no change, I have deleted BOTH of them and let the hardware finder do its thing and it immediately installs two of the drivers.  I have one video driver which claims to be unknown but I can find no driver to install for it.  I deleted this and the whole screen disappeared (so I had to reformat etc).  The only other idea I have is to open the laptop and checking that the video card is seated properly.  

My computer is the Dell Inspiron Mini 1010. 

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  • we have the same problem did you find a fix

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    Please let me know the exact nature of the issue. This will help us identify the issue better and provide a faster resolution.

    Please let me know in case of any queries.

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  • No, it has gotten worse and I lost the display. I have not opened it yet.  I HAVE crossed Dell off my list of retailers.  I have had 5 Dell computers over the past ten years and only one still operates.