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M6600 external display resolution


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M6600 external display resolution

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The tech support guys here in Italy  cannot say me anything about what I am asking you now (maybe they don't have any official doc about!), even if I have a commercial offer. I am ready to place an order now, but I absolutely need infos before purchasing ...

I bought a Dell Precision M6600 last july and now I need to connect 2 external monitors. I don't have them, so I am about to buy 2 dell U2410 to take advantage of their 1920x1200 full resolution. Are the Displayport and HDMI interfaces  on board able to fully support this resolution? All ok on the U2410 side, web pages with full specs, but I can't find any detailed tech spec of the video interfaces of my M6600, with supported resolution interface version and so on. And what about the port replicators for my laptop? What's the right model to make the most of the M6600 capabilities to have 5 monitors connected? And pls, I'ld need detail tech spec of video interfaces of the right port replicator too, Displayport and HDMI and DVI resolution, version, etc etc ...

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • My brand new M6600 Dell laptop natively displays 1920x1080 on its own screen. However, when I hook it up to any of our (VGA) classroom projectors (Dell 7609WU), they show a display at 1920x1200.

    IMPORTANT: because we use a signal amplifier for the cable that runs up the wall and through the ceiling, we also have a Kramer Tools EDID Capture tool (www.kramerelectronics.com/.../news_item.asp) that tells my video card the projector model and resolution it supports.

    I wiped and rebuilt my machine successfully to use Windows Server 2008 R2, 16 GB of RAM, and installed BOTH video drivers, Intel and nVidia. I prefer that my project displays at 1920x1080 and thankfully the Intel driver configuration allowed me to downgrade the projector to that resolution.

    I love this laptop!!!!

  • Since my last post I have ordered two U2410, received them last week. What stunning monitors! They are the best monitors I ever had. Under Windows 7, I have been able to connect them both to M6600, one to the VGA and the other to the DisplayPort on board, no port replicator needed. I have to try their HDMI input, but I have no cable of this kind. Dell don't give it with monitors. And the image quality for both interfaces is the same, very high, IMHO. The resolution is 1920 x 1200, that's what i needed.

    But my original post is unanswered. No official spec for video resolution, nor for on board ports nor for docking station.

    @corkwatchr (I love this laptop!!!!) ---> Me too! Very good machine, lacks of documentation.

    Fine print: I am not a photo professional so be careful with my opinion.