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I want to add a monitor to my Latitude e6410


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I want to add a monitor to my Latitude e6410

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How do I activate the video port for the external devices on Dell Latitude E6410?

I have an old ViewSonic VP191b, Model # VLCDS25973-2w that is on my old G5 Mac. I want to hook it up as a duel monitor on my Dell Lititude E6410, windows 7 OS. It doesn't recognize the monitor - it doesn't even detect it.  

I just need to know how to add the monitor. There is no signal. I bought an adapter that fits both the laptop and the monitor but the monitor doesn’t come on. I have used the instructions for windows 7 to add the monitor so I can have two monitors (the laptop and the View Sonic that I also use on my Mac). I’d appreciate any help I can get. It is kind of hard to work off of the laptop monitor when I need several windows open.

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  • I was afraid of that. I was trying to avoid buying a new monitor just to have duel monitors. I have been looking for a solution for about a month, and just can't find one. Thanks for your answer.

  • How can I tell if the port works? Is there a way I can find that out?

  • Is there a way to check the port to see if it is working? If it is not, how do I activate it? How can I check the adapter to see if that is functioning?