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Dell Inspiron 1440 White Screen

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My 1440 laptop has been giving me issues with the lcd  showing bands of vertical lines  across the screen, it started off a few days ago when i would open my laptop and turn it on the screen would flash white then proceed with the usual dell logo and regular win 7 boot up. Now all it does is present me with a white screen with vertical bands and the screen transitions to a dark grey. The laptop is a few months out of warranty so i would like to know what could be the possible cause, since Ive already reseated the lcd wire on the motherboard and the one on the invertor on the back of the lcd. I know that a new lcd may be in the works. Ive attached a few pics any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Attach an external monitor to the system.  Does it display a proper image?   If so, then one last thing you might try before replacing the screen is to replace the data cable that runs between it and the mainboard.  If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the screen.

    If the external screen shows the same fault, it's a mainboard problem and you'll need to replace that.

  • What type of external monitor connects to it as the laptop does not have a vga port but a black port, the vga connects but no image is displayed.