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Inspiron 9400 Upgrade to Windows 7


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Inspiron 9400 Upgrade to Windows 7

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Hello, all, and thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide.


I just upgraded a Dell Inspiron 9400 with Intell Core 2 T7400 2.16 Ghz processor, 2 GB RAM,  to Windows 7 Professional.


Previously the machine was ridiculously slow, and we  formatted the hard drive as part of the upgrade process.  The machine still runs slow, although there are few processes running, and the CPU is not showing as very utilized in the task manager.  It actually takes 3-5 minutes to pull up the Help and Support Center page.


I would greatly appreciate advice on what I can check for, how to find diagnostics that will help diagnose this issue.

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  • Update to the information posted above:  I frequently get an error message "Windows detected a hard disk problem" and recommending that I back up files.  As there is nothing on the HD as  yet, I have not backed up...

    Error details:

    Which disk is failing?

    Disk name: TOSHIBA MK2035GSS ATA Device

  • Kim Knapp,

    The error message is telling you that your Hard Drive is failing. You can try running the hard drive diagnostics on it to see if you get any errors. If so, it will need to be replaced. At the link below are instructions for running 32 bit HW diagnostics.

    How to Run 32 Bit Diagnostics

  • Thank you!!