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XPS 15 (L502X) Not connecting via HDMI to LCD TV


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XPS 15 (L502X) Not connecting via HDMI to LCD TV

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With this new xps, I'm quite frustrated at not getting any connection to an RCA HDTV.  After talking to a tech support person for well over an hour and having him drive my machine, reinstall drivers, etc., I am left with the option of sending the unit back to have the motherboard replaced?

Geez anyone knows how long it takes to get a new laptop with a different OS (Win7) set up and working the way you want with all your favorite software, etc.!  And to have to go through that again after waiting who knows how long to get it back?  Seeing the other problems  people have had getting their HDMI connections to work, I have a hard time believing this isn't just a matter of someone getting the darn thing configured right.

Granted, I do need to drag my laptop off to test it on someone else's monitor or TV to make sure it's not the cable or my tv, but the tv works fine in all other respects and the cable is new and high quality.

Anyone with other suggestions?  I've already tried about everything with display settings, connection and power-up sequences - all to no avail. 


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  • You should check all the simple stuff if you haven't already. Make sure you change the input on the TV to HDMI video. Then check that your computer sees the TV in Display. Press the hotkey for external monitor on your keyboard--usually F1 F2 or F3 depending on model. It will have an icon on it for a monitor or something similar. 

    You should not have spent much on an hdmi cable. You can buy it online for less than $10. Amazon is a good source. Appliances store use these cables to make a huge profit.

  • Yes, thanks Mary, but I've tried all that.  It would have been too long a msg to list all the hoops I've jumped through.  Although we did get the display to list 2. Monitor (or something like that), there was still no picture.  There was also never an icon or any other recognition of an hdmi being connected.  When I buy cables in general I try to get decent ones - not the best, but something reputable.  Usually use cables-to-go and this cable is a Velocity brand that's not too expensive.  It says 10.2 Gbps, but not whether it's v1.3 or 1.4 - don't know the difference anyway.  Display settings were tried with duplicate etc., also (Fn + F1 on my xps).  The F8 toggle didn't work either.

    Input appreciated.  Just thought I'd send out a general SOS regarding the issue.  Send a flag up the pole and see who shoots at it.

    I would like to know how to check to see if the sys is recognizing the port at all as being connected (without plugging anything in), as that would suggest a problem right up front.

  • You said you have tried multiple things have you opened the nVidia control panel "set up multiple displays" does this show 2 displays?If so,select the external display to either, duplicate, or extend.What happens?And make sure your T.V input is set to HDMI 1,or HDMI 2.

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  • Well Dgkpcon, that was worth a try although I'm sure the tech who took over my laptop for 2 hrs. tried that also.  When selecting duplicate, another monitor shows up as an analog output on the Nvidia screen and shows as a Vga out on the desktop resolution screen.  I tried to get the Nvidia option to force a tv detection to show up, but it remains disabled.  When switching to a lower resolution during this exercise I got a blank desktop (background and nothing else).  This also happened when I tried duplicate.  Could not see any mouse movements or change anything.  Had to power down/up to get my screen back.  Regardless, nothing on the tv.  And yes, I do know what tv input I'm using ;-).  Tried hdmi2 also for the heck of it.  Had tried all this from the desktop/screen resolution also after setting the display to dupe or extend before with no results, except my screen didn't blank out.  Strange cat here. 


  • And you've tried all resolutions for the TV?  You can adjust the resolution on each device separately.  I once had a problem where the TV would not display a thing even though the laptop detected it.  It turned out to be a refresh/timing and resolution output by the laptop that the TV didnt like.

    But, as you mentioned, try it on another TV.  And try different connector types if you can (VGA,DVI).

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  • I'm having the EXACT same problem. I got the laptop first like a month ago and it crashed on the second day of using it, there was some sort of problem with the video card. I had to send ti back and get a new one, but before I sent it out I tried the HDMI port and it didn't work. Now that I got the new one, I tried the HDMI port and it didn't work either.

  • Thanks for the feedback.  After posting my hdmi problem, I took my xps to a techie to have him test the hdmi to a different tv.  This tv was an old 32" toshiba (about the same age as my rca) and the connection worked.  The xps screen was immediately picked up by the other tv with no adjustments.  After that, the picture could be adjusted by the nvidia settings, etc.  Long story short, it seemed as if my rca just wouldn't accept the hdmi signal from the xps, so the problem was with the tv.  Sounds like you have a different problem. If you've tested the basics such as selecting the correct input on your tv and perhaps the right settings on your xps, then try a different tv before anything esle and good luck!  Like I said, when connected to a different tv, there was nothing I had to do, the image just appeared on the tv with no hassles.

  • Oh ok. Thank you. I'll try it in a different tv, the problem is that I'm in college and the tvs in the dorms are about as old as the tv I tested the laptop with. I hope I can solve it like you did.

  • Im having the same problem.. my L501x (xps) connected to my TV via HDMI when i first got it.... i reformatted my OS with Win7 Enterprise and now it doesn't work. I'm thought it may be a driver problem.. but i reinstalled all of them and still nothing.  



  • Hmm that is weird. I wouldn't know what the problem is. You should try posting about it at "tech support guy forums", they have helped me with other problems before. Good luck!

  • Did anyone get this resolved. i have a 2 month old XPS 502x xps15) and experiencing the same symptoms.

    i have another xps 13 laptop and it works perfectly on the same tv and cable.



  • I have the same problem. Someone told me it was because the laptop was too advanced lol. Did you try it on a new or an old tv?

  • The first unsuccessful attempt was on a 2008 RCA tv when hdmi was relatively new.  After that I got it to work on other tv's including my new hitachi.  So your source may be right, but I would say " the tv is too old or not up to snuff or Dell didn't build in enough backward capability" -  after all an hdmi is an hdmi even though they have gone through several versions.  What are we at now, hdmi 4.b??? My suggestion to others with this problem is:  if the picture doesn't fire right up away on the tv when you've got the tv switched to the correct input, don't waste your time  - try another tv before trying to mess with settings on your laptop.  One problem now (not major, but annoying) is the laptop display will not work in duplicate mode, but only in the other 3 modes.  Several Dell technicians have not been able to recitfy this.  If anyone from Dell is monitoring this thread - "HellO...."

  • Similar Problem here on a Philips LCD TV.

    My symptoms are:

    - when I connect the TV via HDMI with my XPS L502x my Computerscreen starts to black out

    - i can see my cursor for a short time on the tv screen on a black background

    - meanwhile my computer screen tries restore its grafic.

    - the TV screen becomes totally black again and it prompts that the video signal is not recognized

    - the notebook screen is not able to restore back to normal unless the HDMI cable is unplugged.

    What is wrong?

    I guess the Monitor is not recognized in the nvidia settings panel.

    I also have to say that i could achieve it, that it worked, but i can not repeat that "wonder". I wish i could - the time i achieved this, i unplugged the cable on the hdmi port on the tv and repluged it on another hdmi port on the tv. But it didn't work another time.

    the tv is 3 years old...

    and, when i connect an older XPS m1530 it works flawlessly

    UPDATE: I fixed my Problem - it was (or is) a cable matter.
    The cable I bought for connecting PC to TV did funny things. It worked with my old XPS on TV but not with my new XPS L502x. So I tried a different cable (an older one which i have for connecting PC to my external Monitor) and it suddenly worked as it should.

    Strange thing: when i use the newer cable which didn't work with L502x and TV, it DOES work with my monitor. So it was not broken...it was something in between i guess...

    Good luck guys.

  • Thanks LochVT. Yeah I don't understand why would it matter if it is an hdmi new or old...