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Dell Latitude D620 video upgrade

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Hi all, I realize that my laptop (D620, intel core 2 duo 2.33 ghz processor, 4gb memory) has an integrated gpu and upgrading THAT is impossible. However, I do have a PCMCIA port in my box and I'm interested in popping a video card in their and hooking it up to an external monitor so that I can play newer games on my laptop, seeing as how I meet basic requirements for almost every game I own besides the gpu. If you've seen this or done this or just have ideas, please let me know :)

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  • There are some PCMCIA video cards that are designed for driving multiple monitors, but as for finding one that is anywhere near capable enough to play games, you're out of luck.  PCMCIA started fading years ago and you're just not going to find anything near current as far as video support goes.


  • Even when it come down to simple stuff like hardware t&l? I'm not looking to run huge games like crysis 2, just strategy like civilization V, etc. I find the biggest compatibility issue I have with games is the hardware t&l and the lack of memory in the video card itself.

  • All the PCMCIA options are designed for multiple monitor (presentation) support.  They're not going to improve performance - they are all hamstrung by the old 32-bit, slow PCMCIA bus.