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How to connect an Inspiron Duo + Audio Dock to tv please?


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How to connect an Inspiron Duo + Audio Dock to tv please?

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Hi all!

I did do a search for "How to connect Inspiron Duo to tv" but got a few answers that were to a specific problem rather than actually just how do you do it?

As the Duo and its dock have no VGA output (how I did it with my last Asus Netbook) I'm thinking there is some sort of USB type answer. But does it involve some piece of 'kit' like this:

(which looks good but £75...... ouch!) or could it be as simple as a USB plug, via some sort of magic do dah and out put via a VGA socket/plug?


I await any answers with interest!




The Lump!

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  • The answer depends on the type of input  your television has.


  • ejn63

    I thank you. The tv/monitor actually has most inputs. Ariel, HDMi, VGA, even composite. Hope that helps?


    The Lump

  • Oh, guess I should add that using the audio dock is not essential! But as the Inspiron Duo has no direct VGA output (I know the audio dock also has no VGA output either but did wonder if I could do more with it) so was hoping there was another way. Guessing I'm going to have to try the Amazon dongle thing!

  • Not sure what Amazon dongle you are talking about, but if there is no video output, you can't do anything.


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  • Hi ieee488,

    The dongle is here:

    but as I suspected, no video output!!!

    Just wanted someone to confirm that (actually to prove me wrong, but.......).


    Oh well, guess that's the end of this thread then! Bummer! Even my little ASUS netbook had a VGA output. Should have checked that out before buying the DUO, ho hum!


    Many regards all!