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New Inspiron 17R display problem....blown out whites


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New Inspiron 17R display problem....blown out whites

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I recently purchased an Inspiron 17R for my wife.  She's not the most computer savvy, but has sworn she didn't play around with any settings, and I don't even think she'd know how.  A couple days ago I walked into the office while she was working on a paper and noticed the display's colors, whites especially, were totally blown out to the point that text on the screen was hard to read.

I thought maybe she had hit the keys to adjust brightness.  I tried that, no improvement.  The screen got dimmer, but it still doesn't look right.  At this point, I have tried everything.  The color calibration in the control panel, the Intel HD graphics properties.....nothing works.  I've exhausted all of the controls available (to my knowledge) and the only solution I can think of at this point is to reinstall Windows and see if that resets whatever is going on with the display.  Before I do this, though, does anyone know what's going on with the display here?

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  • Since this is a new computer, contact Dell Support right away. DO NOT reformat or reinstall windows. Things have changed since that was the solution. Now you reset the computer to Factory Settings using the Recovery Image but only as a last resort. You need to contact Support and take advantage of the warranty. You might need to have the computer replaced.

  • One thing to try before calling Dell is to try to Restore to a previous time, before this problem occurred.

    Unfortunately, Dell will most likely ask you to reinstall the OS; this is their standard "solution". Make sure all important data is backed up before you call.

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  • Right.  I think I'll reinstall Windows this weekend and see if that helps before I waste a lot of time on the phone with Dell.

  • Any update to this? I noticed the same problem with my 17R that I got last week.


    I did notice that there was an Nvidia driver update yesterday which added support for overriding the color settings in the Nvidia control panel but I haven' had a chance to see how much I can tweak it to make it look the way I would expect.