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L702X with GT 555m have Optimus?


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L702X with GT 555m have Optimus?

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I just bought an XPS L702X with an i7-2630QM and a 3GB Geforce 555m (non 3D screen option). Does it have Optimus enabled? How can I tell? I can't see it mentioned anywhere and I assumed it did not. I will be using Linux as my main OS. Can Optimus be disabled in the BIOS?



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  • Yes, the system will support Optimus under Windows - but there are no drivers for it under Linux.   Unless something was added very recently, there is no BIOS enable/disable.


  • Thanks ejn63. I've read up on Optimus. NVidia have stated they no plans to support Optimus under Linux making the dedicated graphics card useless.

    I didn't factor in Optimus when selecting a laptop. I'm really disappointed as there are now no real choices left in the range of laptops that I want that don't have Optimus.

  • There's some work being done to be able to switch off the discrete graphics card from inside linux, but no dell's officially tested as working from what I've read so far.




    I have a blog post about this issue, how I almost bought a Dell XPS 15 before I found out it wouldn't work with linux:



    Most people I ask about alternative laptops with similar specs and no optimus config have suggested getting a mac, because the linux drivers and hardware are well supported. And macs use ATI chipsets.