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HDMI port on DELL inspiron 1525


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HDMI port on DELL inspiron 1525

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I have dell inspiron 1525 , it has HDMI port , now i want to connect laptop to my samsung 32" LCD tv , i have used HDMI cable to connect both , after this i didnt see any video or audio from my TV , but laptop is working as usual, please guide me to do this ..

system : inspiron 1525

OS : window XP.




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  • You need to set the input on the TV for the input the HDMI cable is plugged into. Then you need to switch the PC video output to either external or both. You do this usually with the Fn key and one of the Function keys - usually labeled CRT/LCD. Then to get sound, you need to right click the speaker icon, select Playback devices, and then select HDMI as the default.

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