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XPS M1330 - screen malfunction


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XPS M1330 - screen malfunction

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The screen on my XPS M1330 stopped working. I can see the image on an attached monitor. Funny, I can distinguish the image on my laptop (LED) screen too, if I hold it at a certain angle, but it's extremely dark. Seems almost like a bulb has burned behind the screen. The graphic card is an Intel 965.

Any ideas ?

This laptop lived almost 3 years, I could throw it away, but I like it so much. Unfortunately it also started having the "the ac power adapter type cannot be determined" problem ...

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  • If the screen has an inverter, that could have failed - so too could the bulb.  Replace the inverter first -- if that doesn't fix it, replace the screen.

    The other issue could be the power plug (replace the adapter) -- if that doesn't fix it, the mainboard needs repair or replacement.


  • Thanks EJN63. What is the inverter ? Is that a separate part I could buy from Dell ?

    As I said, the screen doesn't seem totally blank. In the strong morning light, I can almost distinguish what is on the screen.




  • the inverter powers the backlight - it's a small board behind the screen.  You can't  get one from Dell, but can find it from other parts suppliers - you'll need to remove the existing one and search for a replacement based on its part number.